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AI image of a praying Monk.

The Spread of Buddhism from India to East Asia - A Tale of How Peace Won

Buddhism, a spiritual and philosophical tradition founded by Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha , in the 5th century BC, originated in the Indian subcontinent. Over the centuries, however, it transcended...
Worked “Mode 2” tools from the site with intentional breakage points which point to this sophisticated tool production process arriving in East Asia 300,000 years earlier than previously thought. Source: IVPP / SciTechDaily.

Did Hominids in Asia Use Advanced Tools Much Earlier than Thought?

A new find in China has potentially rewritten the course of prehistory. Did our hominid ancestors use sophisticated tools in East Asia 300,000 years earlier than thought? One of the best ways to...
Archaeologists have discovered the oldest ochre workshop in East Asia in north China and a recent study in the Nature journal shows how the lithic tools found at the site link to Africa.		Source: Griffin University

Advanced Human Culture Dating Back 40,000 Years Found in China

A new study published in the journal Nature by an international team of archaeologists has provided fascinating new insights into hunter-gatherer lifestyles 40,000 years ago in north China, and Homo...
Ancient Coronavirus Pandemic Evidence Found in Asia

Ancient Coronavirus Pandemic Evidence Found in Asia

Studying the human genome gives us a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of human DNA over time. Modern technology permits scientists to discover and understand certain diseases that potentially...
Silla Kingdom Princess’ Grave Is Dripping with Gold and Privilege

Silla Kingdom Princess’ Grave Found Dripping With Gold

A treasure trove of ancient and valuable artifacts have recently been discovered at a tomb located in southeastern South Korea , reports The Korea Times . According to the Gyeongju National Research...
Scientists have discovered one of the earliest cases of multiple myeloma, a malignant cancerous tumor, found to date in East Asia within skeletal remains that date back to Bronze Age China. The image shows osteolytic lesions visible on photographs and X-rays of vertebrae. Source: Jenna Dittmar / Science Direct

Breakthrough Discovery of Earliest Cancer Case from Bronze Age China

An examination of the skeletal remains of a man from Bronze Age China has produced some astonishing results. Work conducted by the international research team resulted in experts finding one of the...
Main: Cui Shi’s tomb with animal bones revealing evidence of the ancient Chinese nobles playing donkey polo. Inset: A skull of one of Cui Shi’s donkeys.           Source: J. Yang &  S. Hu / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Excavation of Elite’s Tomb in China Reveals Sport of Donkey Polo

A new study has revealed for the first time that elite women in ancient China played donkey polo. The remains of donkeys from an elite woman’s tomb indicate that the animal was used for more than...
They newly discovered distillery in China. Source:

Massive 500-Year-Old Distillery Found in China is on Industrial Scale

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a massive distillery in China that dates to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The discovery is believed to be the largest of its kind ever made in China,...
Portrait attributed as Christopher Columbus (Public Domain) Deriv.

Christopher Columbus: Master Double Agent and Portugal’s 007

Henry IV of Spain – known as "The Impotent" for his weakness, both on the throne and (allegedly) in the marriage chamber – died in 1474. A long and inconclusive war of succession ensued, pitting...
Archaeologists working in the 1,000-year-old house at the Rising Whale site at Cape Espenberg, Alaska.

Ancient Bronze Artifacts in Alaska Reveals Trade with Asia Before Columbus Arrival

An incredible archaeological discovery in Alaska provided evidence that trade was occurring between Asia and the New World centuries before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492...