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East Africa

A 1572 depiction of the city of Kilwa on Kilwa Island from Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg's atlas Civitates orbis terrarum. Source: Public domain

The Kilwa Sultanate: The Island State That Dominated Medieval East Africa

The Kilwa Sultanate was a powerful and prosperous city-state that once dominated the Swahili coast of East Africa. For centuries, this kingdom thrived as a hub of international trade, connecting the...
The landscape of Ethiopia today. During the first African migrations by Homo sapiens heading north to Europe or west to the Middle East, Ethiopia and East Africa in general were areas where the climate fluctuated frequently.

Homo Sapiens African Migration Occurred When the Climate Was Good

Some researchers believe the ancestors of modern humans migrated from their homelands in Africa to Europe and Asia 60,000 years ago in response to the climate becoming dryer. If food and water were...
Selection of artifacts collected at Panga ya Saidi cave.

Cave Provides 78,000 Years of Cultural and Technological Evolution in East Africa

An international, interdisciplinary group of scholars working along the East African coast have discovered a major cave site which records substantial activities of hunter-gatherers and later, Iron...