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One of 13 intentionally modified deformed skulls found at the Tol-e Chega Sofla Neolithic cemetery in Iran. Source: Tehran Times

Intentionally Deformed Skulls Dug Up in Odd Neolithic Iranian Cemetery

In excavations in southwestern Iran at the Tol-e Chega Sofla site on the Zohreh plain, a team of Iranian archaeologists unearthed 13 deformed skulls of humans, all of which had been intentionally...
Left: Upper part of the body of grave 43 during excavation. The girl had an artificially deformed skull, was place in a grave with a side niche and richly equipped with a necklace, earrings, a comb and glass beads. The girl belonged to a group of people with a non-local origin and similar dietary habits, which appeared to have arrived at the site about 10 years after its establishment. (Wosinsky Mór Museum)         Right: Artificially deformed skull of an adult woman. Permanent binding during childhood caus

Cemetery of Elongated Skulls Revealed Chaos After the Fall of Rome

In 2020, researchers studied a remarkable burial site containing 51 men, women, and children with deformed elongated skulls from an ancient cemetery in Hungary , revealing a multicultural transition...
3,500-Year-Old Tomb with Remains of 17 Elites and Precious Artifacts Found in Cyprus

3,500-Year-Old Tomb with Remains of 17 Elites and Precious Artifacts Found in Cyprus

Excavations in a Bronze Age city on Cyprus have revealed an industrious people whose community was burned twice in attacks, possibly during the upheaval caused by the Sea Peoples. The most recent...
The toothy smiles of the hobbit skull (left) and a modern human skull (right).

A Telling Smile: Tooth Variation Shows Hobbit was Entirely Separate Human Species

A big debate over a little person is getting a new perspective after recent analysis of prehistoric teeth. Scientists now suggest that the remains of Homo floresiensis , popularly known as the Hobbit...