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cultural heritage

Example of a brightly painted antique papyrus, as could benefit from wasabi’s preservative qualities.	Source: Thomas Sztanek/Adobe Stock

Wasabi Is Innovative ‘Green’ Solution for Preserving Ancient Papyrus

Researchers have discovered a novel, environmentally friendly method for preserving bio-deteriorated painted archaeological papyri using wasabi. The study, led by Hanadi Saada and her team, explored...
Moroccan rugs. Source: Goodpics / Adobe Stock.

Tying Together Tradition: Preserving Moroccan Rug Culture in a Modern World (Video)

The history of Moroccan rugs dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of the various indigenous tribes in Morocco. These rugs, also known as Berber rugs, are unique due...
Indigenous rock art at Western Australia’s Murujuga National Park. Source: totajla / Adobe Stock

Fertilizer Giant Blocked from Removing Aboriginal Indigenous Rock Art

The Australian federal government has blocked a multinational fertilizer company from removing indigenous rock art from Western Australia’s Burrup Peninsula. This UNESCO World Heritage-nominated area...
“Accidental” Destruction of Aboriginal Stone Arrangement in Australia

“Accidental” Destruction of Aboriginal Stone Arrangement in Australia

A private landowner has damaged a 1,500-year-old stone eel arrangement near Lake Bolac, Australia . The Kuyang stone monument was shaped into an eel and created before the Europeans arrived in...
The Book of Kells: An Immortal Cultural Heritage of the Gaels

The Book of Kells: An Immortal Cultural Heritage of the Gaels

Over the centuries, from its earliest beginnings, Christianity was the inspiration for some truly stunning art. From early frescoes, to illuminated manuscripts , magnificent churches and abbeys,...
The 'Adidas mummy' and her famous shoes, Mongolia.

Ancient Mummy 'With 1,100-year-old Adidas boots' Died After She Was Struck on the Head

By: Olga Gertcyk As well as her amazing 'modern' footwear, this Mongolian 'seamstress' went to the afterlife with four changes of clothes, her sewing kit, a horse, and a ram's head. New pictures of...