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cranial surgery

Severed Head of Stone Age Women Found Lodged in Rocks of Italian Cave

Severed Head of Stone Age Woman Found Lodged in Rocks of Italian Cave

Archaeologists arrived at Marcel Loubans cave near Bologna , Italy, in 2017 to embark on a unique rescue mission . Their goal was to extract a solitary human skull that had somehow become marooned on...
Ancient Pazyryk nomads - Cranial Surgery

Ancient Pazyryk nomads carried out highly advanced cranial surgery in Siberia

Russian neurosurgeons, anthropologists, and archaeologists are working together to reconstruct the way in which ancient nomads from the Pazyryk tribe in the Altai Mountains of Siberia managed to...
Neolithic site of Burzahom

Protection sought for mysterious Neolithic site of Burzahom

An ancient settlement in India is among the list of sites expected to get World Heritage status at a two-week UNESCO meeting currently being held in Doha. The Neolithic site of Burzahom is a story...