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Neolithic Revolution Challenged! Are These The Real Roots of Civilization?

Neolithic Revolution Challenged! Are These The Real Roots of Civilization?

Conventional wisdom tells us that civilization began with the so-called agricultural revolution - AKA the invention of farming , but I suggest a different story. From my perspective, the roots of...
The monastery at Clonmacnoise held a strategic position.

Clonmacnoise: Medieval Monastery Still Standing After 80 Attacks by the English, Irish, Vikings and Normans!

Clonmacnoise is a medieval monastic site located in County Offaly in the Irish province of Leinster. This monastic site is recorded to have been founded during the middle of the 6 th century AD,...
The fingerprints were discovered by museum researchers on an inner coffin lid belonging to the priest Nespawershefyt from about 1000 BC.

3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Fingerprints found on Coffin Lid

A set of ancient fingerprints have been found on the inner surface of a coffin lid dating back to 1,000 BC, which belonged to an Egyptian priest. The discovery brings to life our ancient past and...
Viking patterned woodwork

Norsemen transformed international culture, manufacturing, tech and trade during Viking Era

The notorious reputation of the Vikings spanned thousands of years and across many lands. Bloodthirsty invaders intent on raiding and plundering is what many still imagine when speaking of Vikings...
Bronze Age microscopic gold work from around Stonehenge

The astounding Bronze Age microscopic gold work from around Stonehenge

Archaeologists have revealed the process utilized by highly-skilled craftsmen to create the magnificent gold artifacts that were found around Stonehenge. According to Discovery News , the gold work...
Ancient Copper Strip-mine north of Mt. Michrot

Ancient metal workers were not slaves but high status craftsmen

There has long been an assumption in mainstream archaeology that many of the impressive monuments and great accomplishments of ancient civilizations were built with slave labour. Perhaps it is...
tombs of Terracotta Army

Archaeologists discover tombs of Terracotta Army builders in China

Chinese archaeologists have uncovered numerous graves in Shaanxi Province, which are believed to be the tombs of the craftsmen who created the world-acclaimed Terracotta Warriors discovered near the...