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Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, Spain. Source: akulamatiau / Adobe Stock.

The Mezquita: A Spanish Cathedral Within a Mosque (Video)

Nestled in Córdoba, Spain, the Mezquita is a remarkable embodiment of history and diverse faiths . Initially devoted to Janus , the Roman God, this structure underwent a fascinating transformation...
A Miraculous Recovery for the Nearly-Looted Amarguilla Treasure

A Miraculous Recovery for the Nearly-Looted Amarguilla Treasure

The Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of Córdoba has opened an entrancing new exhibit that is turning heads. For the first time ever, members of the public and press are getting a close-up look...
Cordoba, Spain Skyline         Source: SeanPavonePhoto/ Adobe Stock

The Roman Bridge of Cordoba that Transported Armies, and Spans Time

Ancient structures often tell us a great deal about the history of a region or country. They reveal what materials were available, the culture and beliefs of the people, and which nations, if any,...
The palace of Medina Azahara near Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain had a quicksilver pool to entertain guests. Source: rudiernst /Adobe Stock

Ancient Gateway to Quicksilver Palace Discovered In Spain

The city-palace Medina Azahara (the shining city) was situated four miles west of Córdoba in the foothills of the Sierra Morena and was built around 936-940 AD by Abd-al-Rahman III, the first Caliph...