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ISIS Bulldozes Ancient Site

The Islamic State militant group has bulldozed the ancient archeological site of Nimrud in Iraq near Mosul according to media reports.  Reportedly heavy military vehicles were used to accomplish the feat.  The Nimrud site was considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and has been compared to King Tut’s tomb in terms of artifacts and the wealth of information derived from the stie.  The ancient city was the second capital of the Assyrians.  However, this is not the only site ISIS has destoyed.

Last week ISIS militants released a vdieo showing militants with sledgehammers destroying ancient artifacts at teh Mosul Museum in Iraq.  Last year they destroyed two mosques in Mosul and they attempted to destroy the infamous Crooked Minaret in Mosul but were prevented from doing so when residents surround the site preventing the militants from carrying out their intention.

One is reminded of the Taliban in Afghanistan when they destroyed the statues of Buddha and what an outrage that was.  ISIS seems to come from the same psychotic mold!  ISIS believes that ancient sites “promote apostasy.”  Say what?  Sorry but I think ISIS is an APOSTASY!! Their flagrant disregard for ancient sites is beyond astounding.  Thanks to ISIS a great wealth of information is now lost forever!  They have no respect….for anything...period!  Should ISIS succeed in their mission to conquer the Middle East I’m absolutely certain that archaeology in the region will cease to exist as ISIS will destroy every ancient site they possibly can.  Oh, and let’s not forget how the Islamic Brotherhood when in control of Egypt were pondering destroying the pyramids at Giza.  Such behavior and such intentions are disgusting!  These people have no respect for and not desire for civilization.  What they desire is simply to conquer and enslave and repeat history by making millions of people live by force in absolute despair and hopelessness.  Really humanity?  Do we need anymore of that or haven’t we had enough already?



isis bulldoses

saw the same on the news, couldn’t agree more. i’m not a conspiracy theorist, but just as our government covers up our history dumbing the masses down, it certainly makes perfect sense they would sit back and allow the rest of our history, that we do know, be destroyed. to me, what is the difference between what isis is doing, and let’s say me egging a catholic church. i would be criminally prosecuted. you asked who is “funding” isis a while back,and i replied my own conclusion, which may or may not be correct. i say close enough for government work. as to who is “paying” for all of this destruction, it is the people whose culture , history and traditions all of these works of art represent. seems we’re surrounded by criminal activity anymore these days. i have to say i have been reading your blog. while you spent a lot of time and buku bucks getting an college education (indoctrination?) more time , more education and research, i as a hobbie read a few Nat. Geo., Science Digest,… articles watched documentaries, and read your blog  as well as this here.. so thanks to you and a bunch here for saving me buku bucks on a college education (indoctrination?) :) so i agree, our Mother Earth is in the beginning of some sort of menstrual cycle. what we are witnessing is Her pms. have a nice day:)


ISIS Bulldozers

riparian first of all thank you for reading my blog and I appreciate my readers very much. Secondly, you are absolutely right.  College is indoctrination.  Myself I am a loose canon in the field and have been for many years now as I do NOT adhere to my indoctrination and some of my collegues just can’t stand it.  LOL too bad!  You do NOT have to have letters behind your name to be educated.  Some very intelligent people have no letters behind their names and I respect them and their knowlege very much.  

If simply blows me away that the most powerful nations on the planet can’t stop ISIS which is basically a well funded ragtag group.  Now they are destroying important archaeological and historical sites and despite the outrage nothing more is done to put them out of business.  I’m one of those people who adds 2 plus 2 and expects it to come out as 4 and when it doesn’t then I know something is greatly amiss and in this case there is a lot amiss.

Mother Earth is indeed in some sort of menstrual cycle as you say.  She is already beginning to hit back at modern human civilization in terms of odd weather events, new diseases, etc.  She has identified the “dis-ease” and it is humanity, sadly.  But this is nothing to be shocked at as it has happened before.  Every once in awhile she likes to knock us back into the Stone Age and I think that is what is happening again.

I think people DESERVE to know the TRUTH.  People don’t want to hear pet theories and a bunch of “scientific garbage.”  They want to know the TRUTH but, sadly, we seldom get to hear the truth.  I agree with you fully, in that, modern civilization is now plagued by corruption and criminal activity at the highest levels.  The insane and corrupt now rule the asylum!  And who suffers the most?  We The People!!  We all pay the price so that the powers that be can continue their pillage of humanity and PILLAGE is exactly what is happening IMO today.  What a sad, sad world we are now living in.

Again, Thank You.

Roberto Peron


IS, ISIS, Al Qaeda etc

When decades ago now the mullahs got rid of our puppet Shah of Iran and imposed an islamic state, in the early days of the new regime, there was no such vandalism at all, and indeed western scholars were still welcomed and respected there, but there was and still is the reason, the real reason for the war raged by the US plant Sadam Hussein’ Iraqi dictatorship against the then forces of the Ayatollah Houmeini. A Million Iraqis died unecessarily, at the financed behest of the West, to protect Israel. It was the Irani avowed intention to end the existence of Israel.

Further the CIA plant of their operative Osama bin Laden was designed to create a replacement by local forces for the US forces the USA feared their state would need to send in, in the event that the retaking of Afghanistan (vital to OUR oil interests-need to pipe oil from South Caspian Sea to Gulf through friendly territory-not Pakistan, Iraq or Syria)- from the Russians by the Taliban and Osama’s private US financed army of terrorists failed.

The Allies, who do not understand that part of the world at all, and imagine themselves racially and culturally superior (read “Christian” and Nuclear), have been stupidly deluding themselves that their foundation of the State of Israel, by Zionist terrorists would not merely compensate the relatives of the Holocaust for their loss, but more importantly prevent Russia gaining the ability eventually to be able to field its navy in the Mediterranean. Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta feared Stalin’s communist forces-( a horror equal to Hitler’s forces) re-establishing precisely that eastern seaboard holding in the eastern meditteranean that lead in the past to the Crimean War and now to Putin, putting in forces sympathetic to and financed by him, in the Ukraine.

It is also possible the current fury of these IS forces is due not to Bin Laden’s loss, but his survival, as I and many other commentators realize the USA under Obama may again be  lying, and like Al Qaida use the media to propagate nonsense, since no intelligent military leader would live in plain sight in a foreign country like Pakistan, where they were baying for his blood. Rather than Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia,etcera where he had private finance and close family ties with the regime.

Even after 9/11 the BBC were releasing documentaries that claimed, officially, that there was no such thing as Al Quaida.

This was done so convincingly that even now, I and others have to accept that these psychopaths took their lead, not even from  bin Laden, but from the media themselves, since such people feed off the attention they get from TV and the newspapers, as do, it seems, your bog-standard idiot serial killer.

Claiming, however, despite all the historical evidence to the contrary, that Mohammed ordered the destruction of idols is nonsense. That is reserved, rather for the lunatic Christian movements in Europe , who ruthlessly destroyed all the statues and paintings etc they could access in British cathedrals and churches, and in fact destroyed far more, of equal value than IS are likely to do.

Historically then, they are exactly the same breed of ideologue, and have arrived on the scene 500 years after our lot, giving everybody I think, a fairly accurate assessment of the cultural, religious and developmental gap that exists there: just exactly the reason why it is always going to be a mistake to imagine it is possible for our culture to even communicate with theirs.






Very good points Peter.  We

Very good points Peter.  We DON’T understand the cultures of the Middle East and I don’t think we’ve made any effort to in terms of government.  Religion (all religions) have more blood on their hands than all human wars combined.  That should say something loud and clear about our human invented religions IMO.  

This makes me really sad. I

This makes me really sad. I mean part of me seriously wants to know what’s wrong with these people in ISIS, but the other part of me is like what did you expect out of them? It’s not sunshine and roses in their club. I wish in my heart of hearts that people would just leave these sites alone. These sites have held up the best they could for so many hundreds of years just waiting to be studied and all it takes is one big bully with some TNT to take it all down. I’m sorry this isn’t more scholarly...but if I said the words I really wanted to say, I might get kicked out...

love, light and blessings


I agree with Peter Harrap,

I agree with Peter Harrap, and I’m perfectly comfortable calling myself a ‘conspiracy theorist’. We know that most of these extremist Islamist groups were seeded by western military intelligence in the 80’s and 90’s, it’s common knowledge. Now we have this new group ISIS who’s actions seem designed to anger people in the west. What might be the result of that? The same result as we had from events like 9/11. There is enough anger and demand in the west for US/UK et el. to go in and start another ‘Nation Building’ war. It’s a damned shame that these invaluable monuments are being destroyed (I’m not so sure they actually are), but I have no doubt that the CIA, Mossad and others have their hands all over this, and they are the ones we should be angry at. It strikes me as curious that these religiuos extremists in a 3rd world country have smart phones, bulldozers, and often weirdly clean and well put together ninja suits.

When engaging in debate, we should always be aiming to get at the truth. Always interpret your intellectual opponents views in the most charitable way possible.

Isn’t that amazing?  These

Isn’t that amazing?  These terrorists have all of the comforts of home or in this case I should say all the comforts of Western Civilization.  And a resounding YES when it comes to their cleanliness!  One would think one would be dirty after fighting battles and cutting off heads all day but, alas, not in the case of ISIS, oddly.  And how do you like Jihad Jahan complete with his eerie British accent sounding a bit like Boris Karloff?  Straight out of Hollywood I suspect!!  And I couldn't help but notice that when ISIS first emerged they had a complete army with modern weapons and hardware and lots of DOUGH.  So where did all this come from?  LOL I'll let you answer that one.

Have soapbox, will rant

Whatever you may think regarding the involvement or culpability of western nations regarding the violence and chaos in the Middle East, the fact is that ISIS, Al Quaeda, et al are not doing anything new. They are fundamentalists, following the command of the Prophet to spread Islam “by the sword”. They’ve been at it in one way or another for the past 1,400 years or so, long before there was a CIA or a Mossad or any other ":western influence” to blame.

I don’t say this in defense of western powers. I am and have been rather disgusted with my government(U.S.) in its handling of both foreign and domestic policies for decades, so I have no reason to defend them or their allies in other governments.
I just think the truth is important, and the truth is that Islamic fundamentalists do not need any prodding or pushing from outside influences to be dangerous and destructive. They have clearly announced their intentions for centuries: conquer the world, establish a global Caliphate, and exterminate the Jews. They are not now, nor have they ever been, shy about it.

I realize that is incredibly politically incorrect to say...but it is the truth, nevertheless(most politically incorrect things are).

The wanton destruction of ancient history depresses me, but it doesn't surprise me. History shows that spiritual traditions that become co-opted into also being a government generally view of anything outside their bureacratized philosopy as a potential threat to their control. Stuff that pre-dates the philosophy is doubly threatening, because it is a reminder that things were once different, that there are other ways to live.
Really, I think it is totalitarianism that cannot abide such things, more than religion. The atheist communist government of China keeps tight control over archaeology within their borders for that very reason—the state-approved history cannot be allowed to be upset by pesky trinkets from moldy old ruins or ancient mummified bodies with long red hair, after all. They have a ban on fictional TV shows involving time-travel to ancient times, as well.

As to the Bamiyan Buddhas, they still lie in ruins ten years later. Any efforts or even intentions to rebuild them in any way has been crushed relentlessly with the help of the U.N.'s World Heritage organization(the irony is rather amazing):

These people are serious, dedicated, relentless, and take the long view.


Okay, I'm done. I’ll take my soapbox and leave, lol.

Fundamentalists and no PC

Bravo!  Bravo!  Love it...truth in the raw without all the PC hogwash.  We need MORE of that.  You said, “I just think the truth is important, and the truth is that Islamic fundamentalists do not need any prodding or pushing from outside influences to be dangerous and destructive.”  I rather think that can be said of ANY fundamentalist or any religion or cause.  Doesn’t take much to light the spark and set it ablaze in crazed, self-righteous minds.


Fire and gasoline

I can’t find fault with your reasoning Tsurugi, though I think you may have missed xenophone’s general point.  It’s beyond dispute that fundamentalist nutjobs don’t require encouragement outside of their religion, but they are certainly more dangerous with the support of powerful governments.  Practically speaking, building and maintaining an army of terrorists must take considerable training and resources, and when irresponsible political maneuvering provides this, either directly or indirectly, the resulting carnage is amplified.

On the flip-side is a serious problem of complacency.  I’m not sure about the east, but the wartime propaganda of western nations is heavily laced with moral grandstanding in obvious contradiction to their actual policies.  It’s like a churchgoer who carries a gun but won’t intervene when they see someone being attacked with a knife in broad daylight.  Clearly they are not without blame.

So you don’t just add water

So you don’t just add water and make an army? Huh. If they are going to insist on being violent, can’t they go do it somewhere off in the open desert? Oh right...not enough chaos…

For something reason this sprang to mind, not sure it’s the most appropriate thing, but it bounced around in my head enough for me to make sure I had the whole thing correct…

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

love, light and blessings


master puppeteers

i agree , my imperialist US govt. are puppetmasters. as long as the oil, gold, and diamonds keep pumping out of the ground and profits flow up to the top of the pyramid of power, all is fine. they just plain don’t care about the working class and poor, that’s obviuos, no conspiracies there. i’m basically lazy and to form a theory of any sort you need at least a few facts to support it, that takes time and effort. to prove it that takes more. so i just believe in conspiracies as a whole. keep it simple. if what Peter is saying about Bin Laden still being alive is true , do you know what that means? Obama and Seal Team 6 are as poor of marxman as Cheney/Bush and the shock and awe shitshow in Iraq over a decade ago! at least Seal team 6 didn’t kill over 50,000 innocent people like Cheney/Bush. if Bin laden is still alive, did the seal team 6 guy just wing him? did he miss completely? did the seal team 6 guy shoot the wrong guy? i get with the helicopter crashing, waking the whole neighborhood, all of the comotion a mistake was made. i have made costly mistakes in my trade too, in far less stressful situation. unlike goverment work, in the private sector, when you screw-up, you fix it or you are fired. why did pres. Obama keep the picture of Bin Ladens body from the press? i never saw Bin ladens dead body. i did see khadafi”s dead body on the news. i heard Obama say he wasn’t going to release the picture of Bin Laden’s body. now here is where it gets even rediculous, from my point of view. if Bin Laden is still alive then the whole seal team 6 thing is a sham, and supposedly the guy that missed the shot lives in my home state.on the local news they had a whole segment of “Hometown Proud” and the seal team six guy lives in my state, different town. a big celebration in his home town. interviews of his family, school teacher, coach and even pastor. a home town celebration of bad marxmenship. i’m not worried about some isis guy, i’m far more concerned about some deluded wannabee. i mean now some idiot with no job or money for 15 minutes of fame does something stupid and the family, teachers, coaches and pastors suffer because of some shitshow conspiracy. and Peter is right, isis would use the media and take credit even though the deluded wannabee doesn’t even know who isis is. i’m not a psychologist, but i have had 3 good ones and in my opinion, my imperialistic US govt. is at least a little to twitchy, way to paranoid and extremely bipolar.


I'm 11 years old and I'm

I'm 11 years old and I'm originally Iraqi and this makes me so sad and angry… It really makes me feel like I have to do something against it while I just can't. Sadly enough I can't “be the difference I want to see” ...

Enlil Khalil

The Difference

Oh yes you can be the difference you want to see.  And you do it by simply not being like them (the destroyers).  Life is about choices so make the choice of being a co-creator.  

Iraq history

4500 BC Ancient Sumerian texts. Mesopotamia Iraq. (Care2 news). 1258 AD Followers of Genghis Khan destroyed Islamic book repositries. The Mongols burned all 36 public libraries in Baghdad. (A history of info storage and retrieval.. Foster Stockwell (c)2001 US). 1801 AD The Saud Wahhabi armies destroyed the shrine of Hussein in Karbula. Destruction of venerated tombs and saint shrines. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom (c)2005 US).

Religious Extremists

Extremes are never good. When one is so obsessed and so convinced by an idea, that his way is the only way, he closes himself off from feeling empathy and tolerance. That in itself leads to trouble and destruction. At this point ISIS with their blatant disregard for human life and dignity, as well as for humanity itself, which is perfectly clear through their destruction of invaluable assets to the human species as a whole, has become a real threat. I wonder when and how and if either the Eureopan Union or the United Nations will finally open their eyes and realize that this issue IS a global threat. And what they can really do about it.


- Moonsong
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world ~ Oscar Wilde

Sad Reality

It is a Sad Reality every monument has gone down and it is pathetic, I think the world leaders should come together and form a union to stop these barbaric act.


The origin and motives of ISIS, who President Putin has clearly stated are secretly funded and organized by a secret cabal of governments of 40 nations, whose leaders say one thing to their national subjects in public, yet do quite the opposite in reality, like the fake attacks on ISIS by Barack Obama etc. with the ISIS soldiers merely being mercenaries for a hidden agenda, is quite clear.

The NWO plan, already formally agreed on by the UN, that is almost unheard of by the peoples of the world,  is that every nation in the entire world is eventually to be placed under Noahide Law, and that world government will be centred in Israel, with the Noahide Laws stipulating that all other religions will be considered idolatrous, and that all adherents of those other religions are to suffer the death penalty, with only Judaism being allowed.

Naturally, great military conflict will be involved in enforcing this, and rabbis have stated that NATO troops of subjugated nations will be used to accomplish the military enforcement of this. There will not be any attempt at mass conversion to Judaism, just as there was not when the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia slaughtered and starved to death tens of millions of Christians in Russia, as that would totally defeat the entire purposes of the exercise, which you can get the gist of from reading the demonic and genocidally murderous edict contained in the Torah and Old Testament of the Bible, Deuteronomy 20:16. King James version; “But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, though shalt save nothing alive that breatheth.”  

The Zohar states that ‘God’ in his wrath will kill all Gentiles in the whole world, whilst the Noahide Laws, which lead up to that final and total intended extermination of all Gentiles, stipulate that non-religious people will be kept alive as slaves (some 6 billion people are members of the other religions, leaving few available to become slaves), but that they must submit to some of the commandments of Judaism, whilst being unable to become Jewish themselves. Who would want to become a Jew after just having seen the slaughter of literally billions of people, and seeing all survivors forced into becoming literal slaves?

In any case, the Torah states unequivocally that a Gentile is eternally a Gentile, and that a Jew is eternally a Jew, and that only former Jews returning to the fold can ‘convert’ in any case, and any Gentiles who are allowed to convert are not genuinely accepted as Jews, but merely allowed to appear to do so to satisfy their own delusions and vanity, and to satisfy the PC notion that anyone is ‘free’ to become a Jew. If we were really all free to become Jewish, then why do the Jews not tell us that we should all convert to Judaism rather than suffer the death penalty as idolaters? It is simple, they actually intend as many Gentiles as possible to die, and they will not do much of this openly under the Noahide Laws as Jews running the whole program, as that would place them at grave risk, so they will employ other methods like the instigation of wars between peoples, revolutions. 

Even without the formal enactment of Noahide Laws, the intent of those laws has already been effected in many nations for many years already. They already have used the fake ‘revolution’ in Russia in 1917, and the modern day fake ‘revolutions’ in Libya and Syria for instance, with American military helicopters flown by American servicemen frequently being seen carrying ISIS and Al Qaeda mercenaries to their next assignments, where the psy-ops programs they have been trained in to appear as Muslims involve the rape, sexual enslavement of little girls, and the mutilations and burning alive of others etc.

Deliberately-engineered mass-starvations and disease will also be used to thin out the Gentile populations of the world. as they already have been for many years. Crypto-Jewish leaders like Erdogan and the Saudi-Arabian royal family are seen to support ISIS, whilst Turkey is still allowed to remain a NATO member, with Turkish leader Erdogan’s daughter even running a military hospital specialising in treating ISIS wounded, and Israel also sends Israeli commandos out onto the battlefield to rescue wounded ISIS mercenaries who are then treated in Israeli military hospitals, which they say they do for ‘humanitarian’ reasons’ even though, ‘officially’, ISIS says that they have declared war against Israel, obviously to hide the fact that ISIS are working for a totally Jewish objective.

Almost all the peoples of western nations and some other nations are actually living under terrible, genocidally murderous dictatorships, yet cannot even understand this, for the truth is hidden from them, whilst all those corrupt, Jewish-dominated terrorist governments secretly connive to enforce the deadly genodical Noahide Laws at some point in the future that will involve the literal mass slaughter of most of the subjects of the nations that they have come to ‘lead’ by deceptive means. 

Karl Marx stated: “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”, and the prominent American Rabbi Stephen Wise stated: “Some call it Marxism,… I call it Judaism”. 

In Libya, NATO actually served alongside Al Qaeda mercenary soldiers against Qaddaffi’s men, though that fact remains unknown by the vast majority, and this is while Al Qaeda are supposed to have recently committed the terrorist attacks on 9/11 2001 in the US (false flag attacks arranged by the Mossad with the help of treacherous Jewish-dominated government members in the US to falsely justify the invasion of 7 Islamic nations over a period of 5 years, though that period has now been drawn out, see the statements by former US General Wesley Clark and Aaron Russo), with the same happening in the UK in London on 7/7 2005. 

The true culprits will never be openly declared by the UN at this time, as the peoples of the world are not to suspect, so NATO nations under the direction of Israel train, fund and supply ISIS terrorists, who destroy these religious artefacts, so that history of the older religions can be erased. Later on, all churches, mosques, gurdwaras and temples of all non-Jewish religions will all be destroyed. Rabbinical speakers on British television have openly stated on two occasions that the Judaic intention is literally to destroy all other religions, as only Judaism contains the real truth they say, but of course, the sheeple cannot understand the hidden intentions in those few words, and think them little more than the rantings of overly zealous speakers, that have no intention of causing actual physical harm in them towards others.

According to many reports on sites like Sputnik, Russia Today, Russia Insider, and Islamic sites, like the Iranian Fars site and others, serving army officers who are British, Americans, Germans and Israelis etc. have all been captured or lilled leading and coordinating ISIS attacks and other operations. The presence of ISIS, Al Qaeda et al is used to falsely justify NATO coalition military action in any nation desired, where their barbarous medieval-style violence like butchery and burning alive is used in psy-op fashion. This style of violence is the ideal political terrorist weapon of totalitarian governments to replace the now softened and ineffective Christian terrorism that did just the same only a few centuries ago. Crypto-Jews will increasingly be used to head new pseudo-Islamic terrorist states at first, to do most of the dirty work intended by the Jews, under the false mask of Islam, before the true face of the master terrorist is openly revealed in the form of the Jewish world government military dictatorship, when all military resistance has been disabled.

President Putin is no real friend either, despite the fact that he pretends to reveal the ‘truth’ about ISIS, for he is a fanatical crypto-Jew himself who has been around the world to insist that all leaders in every other nation in the entire world legislate to imprison anyone who is opposed to Judaism, or ‘anti-semitic’, just as the Kremlin demanded (unsuccessfuly at that time) for the death penalty to be enforced in all nations of the world for ‘anti-semitism’ just after the ‘Allied’ (Jewish-led criminal terrorist) victory in WWII, when the Jews, who actually intend, as stated in their own terrorist religion in the Zohar, to ultimately physically exterminate all Gentiles in the world, actually took over most of the world. These laws against ‘anti-semitism’ are only to terrify people into not saying a word whilst the Noahide Laws are being physically effected, and so that no one will be able to verbally or otherwise organize any resistance to the Jewish Noahiode Laws that will be used to create the military organization necessary to carry out the genocidal mass slaughter of literally billions of Gentiles. 

Stalin himself made it a death penalty offence throughout all of Russia to be ‘anti-semitic’ as Judaism was and is considered an essential aspect of Communism which led to the Jewish terrorist takeover by those maintaining Communism in Russia.

Crypto-Jew and Chabad Lubavitcher Kabbalist Trump (actual German Jewish name Drumpf – both his parents died in a Jewish nursing nome) has stated how the ‘ultimate price’ must be paid by those committing anti-semitic acts like the recent alleged shootings (fake) at the synagogue in America, where paid crisis actors could be seen giggling and laughing when they thought they were off camera, with another crisis actor, an hysterical pale-complexioned woman with black hair demanding that privately-owned guns be banned throughout America after having allegedly lost a relative blatantly having appeared in another, similar ‘attack’ some time ago and performing the same ridiculous acting role.

In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May stated fanatically, that “We will WIPE OUT anti-semitism”. With her actually continuing to secretly support ISIS, we know exactly what that means, she is as criminally insane as ISIS themselves, as ISIS are trained very carefully to appear as the butcherers and sexual torturers and enslavers that they are by military intelligence officers in NATO coalition forces, forces that she and other pro-JWO NWO fanatics like her control.