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Interesting movie, albeit controversial

I've watched this a few times on Youtube. It's long...7.5 hours...there are parts I love and agree with and parts that I'm not so sure about...but it covers so many very wonderful and interesting topics. There is a verison that has it broken down into like 6 chapters...if you'd rather watch in doses. My fav part is the math involved with Coral Castle--which isn't ancient, but is a "wonder"!!

If you're specifically

If you're specifically interested in the coral castle part is starts around 1:57:00 mark...I didn't look at the seconds part.(sorry!)'s my favorite part, especially when they get into the crazy math!!!

love, light and blessings



This is a gold mine! Such a great hit. You post a lot of interesting things and I appreciate it. Too bad I am working at the moment and can't wait to watch it over the next couple days!

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Edit: I will make sure to post my thoughts on the video in this thread for dicussion!

Haha, I can get away with a

Haha, I can get away with a certain amount of slacking off at work. I keep going back to this video because everytime I watch it I see something I missed before. The people who worked to put this all together really did work hard...but I love the math. 

love, light and blessings


I have watched many realistic

I have watched many realistic science movies about discovering wonders of the world. A quality film that is worth thinking about for a creative enthusiast like me.