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Fairy Rings, Stonehenge and Gravity Vortices

     I think that Fairy rings are circular patterns in grass formed by an altered rate of growth around the circumferance of each  feature, that creates  the shape of a letter "o" in the meadows and  fields all around the globe. Sometimes the grass along the circumferance is longer than the grass inside the circle and sometimes it is shorter but in both cases a circular shape is left in the field.  Closer observation can reveal the presence of mushrooms (fungus) dotted all around the circles edge with no outcrops occurring either inside or outside  of the shape. I've read that Fairy rings are in fact  created by this fungus as it naturally propogates in a circular fashion but have discounted this explanation as the different  length of  grass (which cannot be connected) - occupies the same space and therefore have concluded that it is the (circular) space itself that has created the letter "o" in the meadow.

     I believe that the circular space is in fact the top of a cone of force and that this force is a gravity whirlpool or vortex that's like an upturned traffic cone projecting down into the earth and onto the source of "The Twister".

     Gravity is not really a force at all. It is a measure of the density of space surrounding any given mass. It only feels like a force because the linear point in space of any object has been relocated to another point in keeping with the space stretching abilities  of that  Mass. It is Mass itself that  creates space as  the abscence of such bodies  leaves an empty immeasurable void that is both infinately small and infinitely large. Note that infinity is indivisible .

     The centre of our Earths mass is obviously at the core of the planet. Gravity weakens the further out one moves from the centre of mass of a planet. So if we draw a circle as a diagram of the earth - and then  draw evenly spaced concentric circles from the core to the surface, we have a series of zones along each circle where the gravity strength is equal.

     But the mass of the Earth is not uniformly dense. It 's centre is molten and mobile and so the gravity generated by the  varying mass and densities  within, leaves eddies , rivers and whirlpools in the gravitational field at the Earths surface.

     Time = distance /speed. But distance becomes a variable dependent upon the density of space through which it is measured. If distance is variable (I.E StRETCHED OR COMPRESSED)- then it follows that time is also malleable.

      Around the circumferance of fairy rings the density of space is different to the surrounding grasses. This is due to that space being occupied by a gravity vortex. Accordingly the passage of time is flowing at a different rate that can be seen either as an accelarated or slower growth rate for grass around the perimiter.

     Put simply it is my belief that fairy rings are naturally occuring space/time anomalies. And I believe ancient cultures built stones circles upon fairy rings to use the greater density of the large (Quarzite) stones to amplify the time dilation effects.

     I also think that rings with resonant time shifts - would discharge and connect with neighbouring rings leading to  the Leyline grid system that can be seen to  criss-cross the nation(s).     

fairy ring mycelium just mold and midew no inter-dimmensional vortices sorry


Fairy rings are circular

Fairy rings are circular patterns of grass that grow around trees. They can form from several mechanisms including fungal root decay, water movement, and even the movement of animals.

Depending on the level of

Depending on the level of education, different answers are given to the question of what it is, from the effects of radioactive minerals buried underground, termite activity, to traces of UFO landings on earth. In fairy tale folklore, such circles on the grass are called fairy rings, through which fairies travel between worlds. They are also called witches' circles. In the sandy desert savannahs of Namibia in South Africa, mysterious circles known as "spirit circles" appear and disappear years later for no apparent reason. Small spirit circles last an average of 24 years, while large ones last up to 75 years. There is still debate among scientists as to why the circles form, exist, and then disappear after decades. Inside the circle, they are usually devoid of grass cover and can reach a diameter of 12 meters. The reasons for these formations are still unclear. A short time after the appearance of the circle, tall grass grows around its border, clearly marking the empty space. The circles are formed only on sandy soil with a minimum of stones, they are not formed on moving dunes.

I like the combination of working with words and working with visual art, and the service has it all.

Fairy Rings

Very unteresting data Daniel

Stonehenge was built about 5

Stonehenge was built about 5,000 years ago in England. It's located at Salisbury Plain, near Amesbury. There were three rings of stones surrounding a central area. The outer ring had 12 upright stones, each between 6-9 feet tall. These stones were arranged in two rows, and the inner circle had only five standing stones. The center stone was much larger than the others, measuring 30 feet high. It's estimated that the total weight of these stones was around 50 tons.