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Favorite Books?

I'm always looking to expand my library....I get excited when I need to buy a new bookshelf. LOL. What are some of your favorite books about ancient subjects? Any "must-haves"???

has anyone read The Celestine

has anyone read The Celestine Prophecy? (or seen the movie?) I just watched the movie over the weekend, can't say it's a blockbuster smash, but it was pretty good! 

love, light and blessings


HI Angie, yes I read the

HI Angie, yes I read the Celestine Prophecy when I was about 15. It was the first book that sparked by interest in mystical things and ancient mysteries.  If it were not for that book, I would probably be on a totally different life path :-) 

Celestine Prophecy

I just read this book after I saw this post yesterday afternoon.  Such a great book, quick and easy read, but life changing. Eye opening. Makes me ready to absorb the world and augmented my mindset when communicating with different people. I recommended this book to all of my friends.

Next in the list: Transnational Analysis and Games People Play by Eric Berne

I have the book but I have to

I have the book but I have to admit I haven't read it yet. I have seen the movie which oddly enough my mom gave me....this isn't her area of interest. my seasonal job is winding down to part time in a few weeks, so i'm hoping to get a good amount of reading in while chasing my soon to be 1 year old daughter around the house. I've already decorated her room with pages from old atlases i found at a used book store. :)

love, light and blessings


Oh man I have so many that I

Oh man I have so many that I have read and so many I want to:

Read so Far:

Astrology and Cosmology, Nicholas Campion

Astrology and Skylore, NetLancers INC

Cosomological Origins, Myth and Symbol, Laird Scranton

Ancient Alien Question, Philip Coppens

Astrology and Religion, Franz Cumont

Across the Zodiac, Percy Greg

Origins of the Space Gods, Jason Colavito

Astral Worship, J.H. Hill


Fingerprints of the Gods!

Fingerprints of the Gods!

When engaging in debate, we should always be aiming to get at the truth. Always interpret your intellectual opponents views in the most charitable way possible.

I agree with Xenophone...

I agree with Xenophone... Fingerprints of the Gods is a must. Also get Underworld, Supernatural, The Mars Mystery, The Sign and the Seal, and Mirror of Heaven by the same author(Graham Hancock).

I'd also recommend Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo and Technology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress.

If you haven't delved into Zechariah Sitchin's work yet, the entire Earth Chronicles series is a fascinating read(and I think there are plenty of valuable insights contained in those books even if you don't totally buy into the whole Annunaki/Nibiru scenario). If all the dry astronomical stuff in the 12th Planet(the first book in the series) is unappealing, skip it. He refers often to the work in 12th in later books, but he always gives a brief summary of the relevant material.

I've found that Immanuel Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision, Ages in Chaos, and particularly Earth in Upheaval(absolutely crammed full of sourced geological data of anomalous nature) make excellent companion reads to Fingerprints of the Gods and Underworld.

I have read the Celestine Prophecy and IMO it was a riveting tale but had a disappointing fluff ending. Perhaps I am "on too low a vibrational frequency" to understand it fully....? Nevertheless, worth reading.

Secrets of the Ages by Manly P. Hall--Crammed with info, difficult to read. Somewhat like a textbook. Maybe use for reference material rather than trying to read it front to back.

And last suggestion, Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco. This book is a work of fiction, but is nevertheless full of immensely fascinating real information and insights into all manner of fringe subjects, from the Templars and secret societies to magic and esoterica, the occult, ley lines and geomancy, the omphalos and axis mundi. I read it several times before I really fully grasped the nuances of this amazing book.

I have more but I'll stop there lol, hope this helps!

I need to get on it! I have

I need to get on it! I have some of these books and just haven't gotten around to reading them...between work and a 1 year old its tough to find the time...I guess if you want to have time, you have to make it! Thanks for the ideas! There's an awesome used book store near where I live that I know I could pick some of these up!!

love, light and blessings




Perhaps you might look for some of them in audiobook form? Audiobooks have helped me "read" a lot more than I would have been able to otherwise! Just stick em on your cell or ipod, put in some earbuds, and go! :D

Audible is certain to have some of the titles you're interested in.

i'm a huge lover of audio

i'm a huge lover of audio books...but some of these i can't find in audio form without buying, and my personal financial situation isn't currently allowing for such purchases. I did spend sometime last weekend listening to some Plato though. I'm a very schedule oriented person, so I just need to literally find time in my schedule for it and stick to that. I'm also an avid crocheter preparing for a craft sale, so if i do well next weekend, i might be able to squeeze out some of these books in audio form. The true challenge is getting my 13 month year old to work with any kind of schedule outside of her own. :)

love, light and blessings