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Spectacular Discoveries at Saqqara

Since September 2020, archaeologists excavating the famous Saqqara necropolis in Egypt have announced a list of amazing ancient discoveries. They’ve unearthed numerous burial shafts with sealed coffins, many containing mummies, as well as hundreds of statues, stelae, toys, wooden boats, funerary masks, and a papyrus depicting Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead. Recently they also announced the discovery of the funerary temple of King Teti’s wife, Queen Nearit, and a luxurious mud-brick shrine dating back to the New Kingdom. These wonderful discoveries have confirmed that the Saqqara area was not only used for burials during the Late Period, but also during the New Kingdom Period.

If you could have witnessed the discovery of any of these finds firsthand, which do you wish you could have seen the most? What do you think should happen to the artifacts and mummies that have been found at the site?


I last went here 5 years ago

all there was were 5 soldiers there, you could just walk around it couldn't touch anything

there was no entrances

it just looked like a very dilapidated pyramid

our guide (shady anwer) was very good he told us all he knew about it but that wasn't very much

we spent an hour walking around it taking photos

nothing about it was very inspiring

we had tea with the guards and that was about it

until our guide had bought us here I had never even heard of this place

now it's quite exciting reading about these discovery's, but I don't think I will ever see them, stuff like this will be tucked away and studied for many years

much as I would like to enter Saqqara, it's never going to happen, I'm just an ordinary bloke who is interested, not a scholar

sll I can do is read about it, look at photos and pictures


Spectacular Saqqara

I would like to see up close photos of any early heiroglyphs chiseled onto the sarcophogi that might predate later poor quality etchings by later Egyptian dynasties. Any evidence might strengthen the theory that the so-called great Late Period Egyptians repurposed pyramids, sarcophogi, temples, even artwork from previous more deserving unknown and unanmed earliar civilization than them or the Early Period Egyptians.  

Doug Ross

Wang-Ross Communications


​My favorite thing that has been discovered here is the Book of the Dead portion.  These are so fragile that the size and quality of this is incredible. I was in Egypt in 2010, and it is exciting to learn that this kind of find was out there but unknown at the time.

The question about who should keep these items is problematic.  I visited the original museum in Cairo.  There is no question that an updated space, as well as a larger one, is necessary.  However, the old one is a great slice of Victorian architecture and history.  i hope that good work is being done to determine what items will be displayed in both the old and new facilities.  In addition,  I do understand the need for most items to remain in country of origin.  However, as a lifelong Southern U.S. resident, I believe that people around the world need to have access to such an amazing culture.  Such display exposes people to both ancient and current cultures and increases understanding and dialogue.  It also inspires young people to develop related careers.  I also believe that the agencies who actually contract to do the archaeological work should have access to appropropriate amount and quality of  items from their digs, as long as the items become available for public viewing.


Northern "tombs"

I’ve been interested in the so-called “Northern tombs” since the 90s. These 10 large shafts are probably grain silos – they have connecting shafts to a lower one which can be accessed via stairs.

Discoveries at Saqqara Spectacular

Hi All,

I used to keep up with discoveries in Egypt through National Geographic Magazine & Documentaries.

Finding Ancient Origins at least for me is a Godsend because I can learn about the latest Discoveries including Ancient Egypt.

I think one of the subjects raised in the articles about Saqqara that seems to stand out to me regarding Saqqara is how everything was untouched for so long.

I do feel that this is an exciting Find for Archaeology and who knows what else The archeologist can find next in Saqqara.

The Team that made the initial Discovery in Saqqara said it appeared nothing was disturbed going back possibly to about 2000 year's.

Before I forget something else caught my attention the archeologist brought up the decorations which depicted the Egyptian deities probably there to guard The Tombs of the final resting place for the people that lived their so long ago.

I know this isn't going to make sense but, I have mentioned in previous discussions about various Subject's covered by Ancient Origins, I don't feel the Ancient Egyptians were exaggerating about the Egyptian Pantheon.

I thought most of the stories in the Ancient World were all Myth's accept for The Bible; because I'm a Christian, and I believe in God ( I've believed since I was 3 year's of age).

I won't linger on this Topic for long but, it wasn't till I arrived at a place where I was ready for The Book's of Enoch.

After reading Enoch I'm convinced that those Pantheons in Egypt an elsewhere in The World did live.

All the academic and scholarly paper's, essay's, books all written on the incredible ingenuity of the Ancient World and how advanced they were in that World; example Egypt, Ethiopia, Aztecs, Incans, Asia/Asia Minor; but, when it comes to their beliefs in gods and dimension's, other Heaven's & Hells, Portal's in the Universe, then Suddenly They Didn't know what They Were Talking About.

This is what stands out too me the most through the Discoveries made in Saqqara.

This is all I have to share on Spectacular Discoveries made at Saqqara hope to here from people soon next time, Everyone, Goodbye!

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Origins Team/ Group 

I would love to see the photos. 

In terms of the mummmies I would be interested to review the shape of the skull.  Is it round, or is it elongated as some have been?  

A photo of the burial chamber.  What is the structure of this edifice?  Did you ever find “blueprints”?  These amazing structures are built with mathamatical precision, yet no drawings of the build from anywhere?

Did you find more hieroglyphs that tell you a story?  Lets see them.  What does it reveil? Please show the artifacts, and what does this tell us about their every-day lives, in that point in history? 

Fascinated and interested 






This discovery although stupendous struck me quite differently then all others. It felt to me that we were the grave robbers disturbing these souls peaceful resting places. Are we not going to be satisfied until every square inch of ancient burials is bared to all and moved to alien locations. We have unravelled thousands of these sites and I get it as one of the greatest civilizations to be discovered but isnt there a point of saturation on this where we can leave some behind instead of pulling it out of situ and having it unvieled to unconnected people?

Spectacular Discoveries at Saqqara

Hi ChetS

I hadn't thought about it that way before; each time A New Discovery exciting, You're right it is grave robbing.

I do sometimes wonder what is it the archaeologist and anthropologist are truly searching for when expeditions are conducted in places of once thriving Ancient World's existed.

Until, next time, ChetS, Goodbye!