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Gympie Pyrimid

The Gympie Pyrimid is a pyrminid locted in Gympie, Australia. There have been many objects found there that do not fit in with the theory that it was built in the 19th-20th century. Some out of place objects that have been found in the area are statues of Hindi gods and gold. I think it could have been a place were the native Australians may have worhsiped.

I've never heard of this, so

I've never heard of this, so I googled it. One thing I read was that the site is privately owned and not open to the public, but they are working to excavate and research the structure.

love, light and blessings


Home made pyramid

The gympie pyramid looks to be a recent attempt  at a pyramid by a local. The different style of artifacts from different beliefs or culture seems to be put there from what someone has collected. Good try though, as for gold gympie was a mining town from a long time ago so gold being there is no big deal. As for the natives they would be the aboriginals they have inhabited australia for 40000 to 45000 years and even suggested as far back as 80000 and thier beliefs are fixed in what they call dream time.check out thier cave paintings some even look to depict ancient aliens or some type of beings .  Interesting.

Gympie pyramid

Haha haha

So a tribal nomadic hunter gatherer people who never built anything more substantial than a stone eel trap or bark hut, suddenly mobilized and orchestrated the coordinated labour force required to build on a monumental scale.  Then having finished melted back into the bush and resumed their ancient wandering ??

  Like all paelithic people the "religion" of indigenous Australia was a blend of ancestor worship and animism a form of spirituality that does not require large scale monuments.

   This is just another fraudulent attempt to bring doubt on the accounts of early European explorers and give undeserved creedance to the fake claims of indigenous "civilization".



>So a tribal nomadic hunter

>So a tribal nomadic hunter gatherer people who never built anything more substantial than a stone eel trap or bark hut

That is certainly the standard European history but not necessarily true.  I knew a boilermaker at a mine in central Queensland.  He said that when the power line was being put in to the mine, the construction crew came across an obvious circle of standing stones.  They put the bulldozer through it to avoid having archeologists delay the work.

I have also heard of ancient stone constructions in Arnhem land.

The Traditional Owners do not claim to be the first inhabitants.  For example they say they had to kill giants when they first arrived because the giants liked eating humans.  The giants were extremely large, hanging caught humans from their belts like a human might hang rabbits from his/her belt.

The boilermaker told me about Chinese carvings dug up in the tailings from ancient gold mines in Australia.

Also there are various Egyptian remains including Egyptian designs on Aboriginal Churinga (sacred stones).  The main museum in Cairo holds ancient Egyptian boomerangs.

History is written by the victors.







Unsubstantiated nonesense

So the only evidence of monumental stone structures unfortunately just happened to be bulldozed by your mate.

Except some others that are in Arnhem land but that no one has ever seen…

Sounds about as likely as the story about giants.

Maybe 200 years of archeological exploration, anthropological study and historic accounts should listen to old mate the boilermaker....he certainly sounds like the authority on these matters.

Just because Egyptians used boomerangs doesnt mean there  is a connection. What about all the other aspects of Egyptian life that are not found. It's such small and relatively mundane aspect. Who would have decided let's not learn to make bow and arrow written language metalwork or agriculture let's focus instead on making a boomerang.


Indigenous agriculture

There is an appalling fraud being committed against the Australian people. One that has been aided and abbeted by one of our leading academic institutions.

 The book Dark Emu authored by Bruce Pascoe and followed up by several lectures is a complete fairytale. Somehow blinded by their extremist left wing bias this obvious fallacy has been allowed to claim an undeserved position as an academically accepted work.

It does not stand up to even the slightest of scrutiny is in complete contradiction of the archeological findings, the historic eyewitness accounts or the obvious present day realities of indigenous lifestyles.

Yet still has been lauded and promoted and is even being taught (indoctrinated) to the impressionable young minds of Australian school children.

All who believe that history deserves to be treated as an academic science, rather than a tool of political bias, should make it clear that this kind of fraudulent misinformation is unacceptable from a respected institution especially one that is funded by the public purse.



You sound like a government paid troll out there trying to shut down any discussion on subjects that interfere with the present government sanctioned narrative regarding Australian prehistory. Too many emotive words used in your argument makes you lose all credibility.

Gympie pyramid


These are stones that were taken from the Gympie pyramid. The people involved with the shifting of the walls numbered each stone so that they could be replaced in the correct places. 


These walls speak very loudly of a South American origin of the stonemasons. There is one video I have seen where the great grandaughter of one of the snonemasons is interviewed. Her geat great grandfather was involved with moving the stones from the Gympie pyramid to the Uniting Church site. The official story is that a grape grower built terraces on the hill, but these terraces have been investigated and they contain rubble – not farmed soil. Besides, the terraces are not on the north facing slope. 

The main roads dept are planning to put a highway right through the middle of the pyramid – very sad.

Unlikely scenario

In 50 000 years not a single other stone building.

Then out of nowhere build a massive geometric monolith as a one off project.....then just go back to living in bark shelters.

Smells very suspicious to me.


Gold prospecting voyagers

Gold prospecting voyagers from either South or central America. There was a Mayan pottery doll found near Cairns also. Apparently the Aborigines of this area were more organised and warlike than elsewhere – so some influence from these people may have rubbed off.


The possibility that south American voyages sailed thousands of kilometres to prospect for a gold is utterly ridiculous.

How did they know there was gold here ?? Or even know that there was land here ?? Why did they leave just one doll ??There was plenty of gold deposits in America that didn't require an epic and dangerous voyage across thousands of kilometres of uncharted sea.

You need to adjust the antenae on your tinfoil hat the "government" spends 3 billion dollars a year promoting indigenous cultural heritage. The conspiracy being played out by government controlled organizations is the promotion of a false history claiming a more advanced indigenous society.


Just Ranting

You sound like a racist  white supremacist redneck.

Intelligent debate

Your best arguement is to resort to childish name  calling haha haha pathetic


>The possibility that south

>The possibility that south American voyages sailed thousands of kilometres to prospect for a gold is utterly ridiculous.

Actually here is what I wrote:  The boilermaker told me about Chinese carvings dug up in the tailings from ancient gold mines in Australia.

Even English histories allow that Chinese emperors sent fleets very widely, perhaps as far as Europe.

It is commonly believed that the Maori used to travel by canoe from Hawaiki to New Zealand on hunting trips then return home – about 5000 miles each way if Hawaiki is Hawaii.  Many Maori words are very similar to Hawaiian.  For example the Hawaiian kahuna has very similar roles to the NZ tahunga – including navigating by the stars.

Perhaps our ancestors were just as intelligent as we claim to be.




More unsubstantiated nonesense

If the Chinese did sail to Australia they left no sign of being here.

The 1421 fleet of Chinese ships was sent out to establish trade...not prospect for gold or to build monolithic pyramids in hostile countries. 

The Moari genetics have been studied. They show that the people separated from the Hawain ancestors around 800 years ago. In line with their own oral history. From this point of separation there was no further contact. No travel route back and forth. A one way permanent migration.

Modern people don't usually undertake dangerous voyages over a period of years just to go hunting. I would hazard to guess that ancient people were far to clever to risk their lives in such a reckless adventure.


>Modern people don't usually

>Modern people don't usually undertake dangerous voyages over a period of years just to go hunting.


Quite so, but the Maori were well versed in the sensation and routes of the ocean currents and took the appropriate current to get where they wanted to go.

Further, the Maori tohunga often could astrally travel and thereby assist in navigation.


Off topic

You have jumped from Australian pyramid to South American gold prospectors then to Chinese explorations then to Moari hunting expeditions Phonetians language and now to etheric astral travell ???

As already stated genetic evidence shows a divergence of Moari DNA from their Hawain ancestors at around 800 years before present.

Although rare red hair is found in Polynesian populations throughout the Pacific. It is not related to the red haired northern Europeans but a separate unique genetic trait.

The Phonetians language is not anything like Greek. It is a Semetic language. More closely related to the Hebrew language. Perhaps the Moari men tioned by your grandfather  picked up the language faster because they were already bilingual speaking both English and Te Reo (Moari language).


>You have jumped from

>You have jumped from Australian pyramid to South American gold prospectors then to Chinese explorations then to Moari hunting expeditions Phonetians language and now to etheric astral travell ???


You don’t seem to read very carefully.

I did not mention South American gold prospectors

I did not relate the Phoenician language to Greek

>picked up the language faster because they were already bilingual speaking both English and Te Reo

That is not what he said.

>Although rare red hair is found in Polynesian populations throughout the Pacific.

I was not addressing the white tribes in Polynesia but rather the origin of the Moriori who might not have been Polynesian at all.  For example there are ancient stone walls in NZ and the  Maori did not build in stone.

Astral travel was well known to the Maori tohungas.  It is referenced in some Maori legends.


Genetic evidence

The genetic origin of the Moari has been tested.

In agreement with their own oral history.

It reveals a people descended from a small number of Polynesian ancestors. Separated from other genetic input for 800 years...no mysterious outside influence or more recent admixture from the original source of migration.

This also corroborates the archeological evidence that indicates the introduction of mammals onto the islands in that same time period.

Red haired Polynesians are not "white". They are Polynesian and Melenasian with an independantly evolved genetic mutation that produces red and blond hair 



polynesian origins

This paper describes three separate turning points in Polynesian evolution. Melanesian origin of Polynesian Y chromosomes 

Manfred Kayser, Silke Brauer, Gunter Weiss, Peter A. Underhill, Lutz Roewer, Wulf Schiefenhövel and Mark Stoneking:

…. A median-joining network connecting all 39 haplotypes revealed that all Polynesian haplotypes form a tight cluster and can be connected to each other mostly by single-step mutations, with the exception of one of the West Samoan haplotypes. In contrast, Melanesian and Indonesian haplotypes appeared in different parts of the network and were separated by a large number of mutations. 

The time back to the most recent common ancestor of all 75 individuals carrying the DYS390.3 deletion on the RPS4Y711T chromosome background was estimated to be 11,500 years. (Showing a fragmentation of populations of the Sunda region after the ice age had ended and sealevels began rising). A signal of slight population growth dating back to the start of a population expansion ~6,000 years ago was detected. (This marks the time they left Taiwan or East Asia) When the analysis was restricted to Polynesians, a much stronger 

signal of population growth was detected, indicating a population expansion starting about 2,200 years ago. (This bottleneck is described in Hawaiian oral history – they were swept off the islands and floated on Tsunami debris to Alaska but returned to colonise the Waipio valley of Hawaii 2,200 years ago)


Bing Su et al, University of Texas , found no evidence for a Melanesian origin of Polynesian Y chromosomes, because their major Melanesian Y-chromosomal haplotype H17 (characterised by mutations at M4, M5 and M9) was not found in Polynesia. We also found this haplotype in high frequency in Melanesia and concur that it is absent from Polynesia. Their studies also suggested a significant dispersal of Polynesian mtDNA in more recent times (1,000 years ago) leaving behind mtDNA types with the 9 bp deletion and incorporating Melanesian mtDNA types.(This is in agreement with the oral histories of the Polynesian outliers such as the Trobriand Islands and Ouvea – they arrived from Tahiti and Samoa 1,000 years ago.)


Red hair in Polynesia

The frizzy blond hair of the Tolai people and red hair of the Missima people is different to the wavy blond and red hair of the Maori. There are many Maori and Pacific oral histories of these people that assert they came from Easter Island and South America. These people were a different gene pool – they have DNA similar to the Basque (Paleolithic European) as well as native American DNA. These may be a remnant population of the Solutreans who became the Clovis in America. There are other oral histories that indicate these people were exiled out of South America about 2,000 years ago and colonised the scattered islands of the Pacific. Hawaiian oral history says they met and combined into one culture in Raiatea. This theory takes into consideration the Hawaiian oral history that they arrived from the Yellow Sea off China about 6,000 years ago when sea levels were different and the Hawaiian islands were different due to volcanic eruptions. Then children and grandchildren began exploring south – eventually meeting up with the South American golden haired people. The Hawaiians called Tonga and Samoa “The Forbidden South” (Tongatapu) because of the practice of cannibalism – so on their voyages back and forth to New Zealand – they would avoid Tonga and Samoa. Basalt trade and Kiore – the pacific rat confirm this divide. Pollen sampling by Prof John Flenley shows people were practicing shifting cultivation in many Eastern Pacific Islands including Rapanui, Mangaia and New Zealand  2,400 years ago. Kiore began travelling north on voyaging canoes from New Zealand 2,200 years ago according to Geneticist Lisa Matissoo-Smith. Susan Serjeantson also showed the MAori of New Zealand had almost identical DNA to the Tlingit of Alaska – helping to confirm the oral history of a Tsunami sweeping them up to Alaska and then returning.