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Gympie Pyrimid

The Gympie Pyrimid is a pyrminid locted in Gympie, Australia. There have been many objects found there that do not fit in with the theory that it was built in the 19th-20th century. Some out of place objects that have been found in the area are statues of Hindi gods and gold. I think it could have been a place were the native Australians may have worhsiped.

I've never heard of this, so

I've never heard of this, so I googled it. One thing I read was that the site is privately owned and not open to the public, but they are working to excavate and research the structure.

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Home made pyramid

The gympie pyramid looks to be a recent attempt  at a pyramid by a local. The different style of artifacts from different beliefs or culture seems to be put there from what someone has collected. Good try though, as for gold gympie was a mining town from a long time ago so gold being there is no big deal. As for the natives they would be the aboriginals they have inhabited australia for 40000 to 45000 years and even suggested as far back as 80000 and thier beliefs are fixed in what they call dream time.check out thier cave paintings some even look to depict ancient aliens or some type of beings .  Interesting.