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Ogdoad - The Egyptian Creation Myth

From - – it is said:

“The eight deities were arranged in four male-female pairs: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket, Huh and Hauhet. The males were associated with frogs and females were associated with snakes. Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the male gods and female goddesses; indeed, the names of the females are merely derivative female forms of the male name. Essentially, each pair represents the male and female aspect of one of the four concepts of primordial chaos, namely the primordial waters (Nu and Naunet), air, invisibility, and hidden powers (Amun and Amaunet), darkness and obscurity (Kuk and Kauket), and eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet)”.

My comment:
The gendered deities represents in my mytho-cosmological interpretation, “opposite but complementary qualities and elementary stages” which corresponds to the electromagnetic polarities and forces of creation. As Huh and Hauhet represents Eternity and Infinity, the Ogdoad story of creation states the Universe to be eternal, which contradicts the modern scientific Big Bang theory.

“Together the four concepts represent the primal, fundamental state of the beginning. They are what always was. In the myth, however, their interaction ultimately proved to be unbalanced, resulting in the arising of a new entity. When the entity opened, it revealed Ra, the fiery sun, inside. After a long interval of rest, Ra, together with the other deities, created all other things and brought order to the universe”.

My comment:
This meaning and description can be read in almost all cultural Stories of Creation from all over the World.

IMO “beginning” does not mean a beginning of the creation of the entire Universe, but only of the formation of the ancient known part of the Universe, the Milky Way and of course the solar System. The “arising of a new entity” speaks of a central function, “the fiery sun”, Atum-Ra = the central Milky Way Light.

About the Egyptian Atum-Ra connection to the mother goddess Hathor - Link -

“The Ancient Greeks sometimes identified Hathor with the goddess Aphrodite, while in Roman mythology she corresponds to Venus”.

“Hathor, along with the goddess Nut, was associated with the Milky Way during the third millennium B.C. when, during the fall and spring equinoxes, it aligned over and touched the earth where the sun rose and fell. The four legs of the celestial cow represented Nut or Hathor could, in one account, be seen as the pillars on which the sky was supported with the stars on their bellies constituting the Milky Way on which the solar barque of Ra, representing the sun, sailed”.

Do all mythical mother goddesses represent the Milky Way in all cultures? Is the "solar barque of Ra" really representing the Sun if the barque is sailing on the Milky Way? (Which only can be observed in the night)

“Hathor had a complex relationship with Ra. At times she is the eye of Ra and considered his daughter, but she is also considered Ra's mother. She absorbed this role from another cow goddess Mehet-Weret ("Great flood") who was the mother of Ra in a creation myth and carried him between her horns”.

What are the "complex relationship" between Hathor and Ra? If Hathor is connected to the Milky Way (the Great Flood) and Ra should be her father, then Ra must represent "something that participates in the (pre)-creation of the Milky Way. On the other hand, if Hathor is the mother to Ra, this must mean the Sun, since (Atum-)Ra and Hathor "created all other things" in the ancient known part of the Universe.

There clearly is a mytho-cosmological confusion between Atum-Ra and Ra. IMO Atum-Ra (the fiery light) represents the primeval deity in the pre-creation of the Milky Way and it´s central light, where Ra represents the Sun. It is of course mytho-cosmologically very important to differ between the central Milky Way Light and the light of the Sun if one shall interpret the numerous cultural telling of the Creation.  

My conclusion:
It seems to me that the ancient world perception and it´s mythical stories of creation really includes knowledge of our Milky Way. This is indeed very logically since we all live on the same planet Earth, in the same Solar System, in the same Milky Way galaxy and in the same local part of the Universe.

This is of course the common Story of Creation for all human beings and it is told in numerous cultures from all over the Earth.

The Milky Way Mythology –

The Prime Mother Goddess –

The Prime Father God – 

Ivar Nielsen
Natural Philosopher

other outlier integration to arrive at alternate essence of mome

you may regard this as incredibly funny.

I’m noticing a discussion of ancient wanders and integrating an outlier based on these ancients first nightly entertainment; this before the rise of cities.

Points I’d like to integrate to a telling. The naturalness of dream myth to integrations. Atlanteans or of that epoch of supreme civilization time leaving a vestige of ultimate formulis functioning.

I once came across a socionics article by its second theorist, Gulenko. Here he spoke of 4 groupings of [what was parallelled in development with the MTBI system; each unaware of the other] the 16 types, into what he called 4 quadra’s and epitomized their world-view character disposition: Alpha’s the young explorers nonchalant to certain aptitudinal ranges, livers, Beta’s the young, those who manage to throughly enjoy life by those predominantly Sensory talent, Gamma’s, the middle agers, those of critical bent, Delta’s, the old of age, those who maintain systemStatus quo.

Fit to this in order this divisioning: ‘’primordial waters (Nu and Naunet), air, invisibility, and hidden powers (Amun and Amaunet), darkness and obscurity (Kuk and Kauket), and eternity or infinity (Huh and Hauhet)”.; and know precisely why my curiosity spiked.

Also consider the division of the legends into 3 seperate myths of creation which strive for eminence as the most true, and notice how one speaks of what could allegorically be seen to be a solar system creation code-form=of-story; feel the associated civilization form and power newness of those; and look at what can be called the last in sequence of those stories {see the very Ancient Origins article here}, and one notices a crying child and a very vulnerable project: the scrab beetle, hard, brittle easily crushed (unless the opposer is another insect, lol).

Does this not refer to some ancient fire-side story of those resting in patience anxiety but slight peace, the old scientists informing the egyptians, of the prior falls of the civilization, the high form hope ….th Ea may bear Her specie fruit to the solar system.

The Ogdoad, says God as Us, Perfection or God as society functioning perfectly, each to its pillar of derivitizable energy [best epitomized in the Ogdoad annotation]

and it falls, why, do we need to look further to see how society is disformed that by observing o.

THEN, that fall anticipated, give the SocietyLINGS this idiocy of the God Ra myth, have them worship and all form their inner man more prefectly, so that at Omega, Alpha can be returned to, that society once again moves in perfect formation.


Ancient Egyptian creation

Ancient Egyptian creation myths are the ancient Egyptian accounts of the creation of the world. The Pyramid Texts, tomb wall decorations and writings, dating back to the Old Kingdom (2780 – 2250 B.C.E) have given us most of our information regarding early Egyptian creation myths.These myths also form the earliest religious compilations in the world.The ancient Egyptians had many creator gods and associated legends. Thus the world or more specifically Egypt was created in diverse ways according to different parts of the country.