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Ancient Australian Aborigines connected to Lascaux Cave, France

Latest studies show that the same Stone Age text found at Lascaux Cave is found in Australia.

Alignment of Archaic Artwork to Astronomical Values Used to Predict Eclipses: Direct Evidence for the Presence of Ancient Astronomical Text in Early Australian Art and Palaeolithic Art Found at Lascaux Cave in France

The exact same angular values are highlighted in both regions circa 20,000 year ago.

This study is unique in that

This study is unique in that it compares disimilar art using statistics to see if they are designed to the same astronomical design

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Quick update

Quick update

Well I had a really interesting time the last few weeks.

Posted my results on the Hall of Maat site and my post explaining my results was immediiately deleted. This is the second time this has happened.

Then I was invited to Unexplained Mysteries, and another poster falsified data to try to discredit my work.

Very interesting….

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Welcome to the club

Deleting posts and comments happens all the time to many us of, Derek. I see you posted here a few days ago. I’d like to offer something that may interest you.  I’ve traced, through various evidence, some of the characters of the “18th dynasty” of Egypt back to S.E. Asia Hilltribes. And, researching through conversations with local experts of iconography and history/legend/myth in the northern-most tip of Thailand, that their local legends state that these mysterious Hilltribes that settled in this region @ 110 years ago...originally came from...Australia. This is indeed “curious” because one of the most famous of the “18th dynasty” Egypt characters, “Tut” had what discovered in his tomb? Boomerangs.
I did further digging, and discovered that it appears they migrated up through the northwestern tip of Australia into Indonesia...a close look at the region of Indonesia closest to Australia  show a strong relationship to the “aboriginal” name places. And curiously...these “18th dynasty” characters, such as “Joseph” (Yuya the asif...Yusaf) and “Thutmose IV” labeled themselves “dreamers”...these are very similar to the “Yawi” tribe of Australian aborgines and their “dreamtime” culture. And that character of 4th century BC Egypt calling himself “Bagoas”...Indonesia had kings called Bagoas. All “coincidence?” Perhaps...or perhaps not. Anyway, don’t let the deletions upset you, or discourage you. Or their ridicule and distortions. THAT is their goal: to silence us all. Yuya was spelled YWH by Amenhotep III at the Soleb temple, where he labeled Yuya and his “children” his enemy. Yawi? The Shasu of YHW...are these actually the Chasu….Hindu “children?”
Yuya was “Head Priest” of Akhmin. The Hilltribe Akha/Akka also known as the Min/Mein?” The cult of the Pole worship at Akhmin and the Akka seem to strongly link these people. Even today, the Hilltribes celebrate this in virtually the same manner.
And they use Indigo to dye their clothes blue...the original color of the god Egyptians called “Asur” and the Greeks “Osiris.” Azure? Blue? Peru and Egypt have the oldest attested use of Indigo.
Lastly, the Akka gave honor to their Blacksmiths. I am convinced Yuya is the person depicted in the 2013 Chinese statues unearthed of a man with a very long neck is wearing a mask, with very big hands and wearing a blacksmith’s leathers while pouring molten metal. He is “Yu, the Great,” a Chinese legend, depicted holding an axe...called a Yue.

I believe in ancient European legend/myth, he is labeled “Ulla” the archer. In Hindu, he is “Nakula.” The Naka/Naga Ula...the serpent/dragon. Hence Ullyses has same legend of shooting an arrow through axe handles that Ulla performed. Axes...“Yues.”
Nakula is married to a princess named Karinumati. The Hilltribe Karin, related to the Akka, only they wear the neck rings. Karin Uma Ti=Karin/tribe Mother/goddess/Uma Ti/Aunt/Tia...she is the mother goddess of the Karin/Akka...and her husband is the “golden dragon. Yuya’s mummy...a very, very long neck with visible indentations where neck rings were worn, very big hands and blond hair...coincidence?

Asur, the blue god of Egypt (“Osiris” in Greek) is depicted as blue-skinned...with a very, very long neck. Later, he is depicted as green-skinned. Oddly, I have discovered the word for green was once the same as the word for blue...and the Tomb of “Osiris” under the Great Pyramid is entirely blue…

Apparently, when first discovered, Yuya’s mummy was wearing a necklace made of large lapis lazuli stones. But it has subsequently “disappeared.” I believe we can link a cult “resurrection” of Asur/Osiris to the “Lazerus” myth. L’azur/The Blue...Lazerus is always depicted in iconography as blue...In fact, I witnessed a 4 ft tall statue of Osiris in a tour of Tut’s relics in Seattle, 2012,  and it still had a faint coating of blue on it.

I believe Amenhotep II was the last king of the 12th dynasty. Then imposters inserted themselves into the history, looted 12th dynasty tombs, and “created” the 18th dynasty starting with Thutmose IV.

It is stated that experts of Egyptian iconography cannot or have great difficulty to distinguish between 12th dynasty and 18th dynasty art/iconography. I think I know why.

Let it digest...then let me know when you would like to know more. We can link these characters to Michigan. Wisconsin. Illinois. California. The Hindu Kush. Tocharia. Scotland.

These were “river raiders” that went slaving, looting and marauding...and I know who they are. I can even tell you who the American god “Kokopeli” was in real life. The clue is the ancient wall carvings of him along rivers of the Midwest of America...and the etymology...and the cult he belonged to. A king of Egypt...”Mudriya.”


In my first book I analysed

In my first book I analysed the Greek Myths and overlapped the constellations to create.a reasonably accurate map of the world…..

…..and intriguingly it seems to suggest the population withdrew to the southern regions (around Northern Australia) during the height of the Ice Age. 

Then after the Ice Age the expanded northwards.

I also noted the causeways in front of the Pyramids were aligned to astronomical values, which suggests The Pyramids were created on an older religious site.

Then in the second book I undertook a more detailed analysis of the geoemtrical text and how modern texts developed, and the result seems to suggest the Egyptian civilisation decided to split from the earlier religion, with the result the pyramids were created to a different template….

In “The Babel Text” I also found that people living in Mesopotamia were linked to people living in China, and prior to circa 5,500 years ago both regions chose to split from the prior Stone Age era religion, but in Mesopotamia there was a counter-revolution and they reverted back for a while. 

So using this new text it is possible to uncover new data that shows how various regions were linked together.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts


Very interesting idea! I would like to hear more if and when any advancements are made along these lines. As for having your posts deleted and the attempt to discredit you, that indicates that you are making someone uncomfortable, so much so that they are making quite the attempt to bring you down to their own level. I have to be honest and just state that I am not familiar enough with your idea to accept it or disagree with it, however, what you have said here seems in no way so off the wall or impossible. It has been said that one cancan ascertain their status in the world or in any type of work or field, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, by the degree of challenge they have to face. In that context the actions of these folks at the other sites seems to indicate that potentially you might be on to something, even if at the very least being able to think and consider outside of the usual boxes that so many enjoy the comfort of.

No trailblazer in any field has ever been able to avoid doing much the same thing, whether they intended to or not. I think it says more about society’s norms than it does about you personally.


I agree with you.

As promised, an update.

As promised, an update.

Over the last year I looked at multiple ancient geometrics around the world; and for the first time I attempted to add a phonetic code to the lines.

This study was based on looking at ancient astronomical sites, and then analysing the geometric patterns that seem to describe the movement of the planets.

….and the result is 

The Bible was correct. There was an ancient world language.

We just didn’t realise it was an ancient written text, and Stone Age people could write.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Stone Age people

I have a scientific paper written by a Stanford professor and another expert in the field of metallurgy that list archaeological discoveries of iron smelting at Neandethal settlements. Their hypothesis is that “conventional wisdom” has it backwards: smelting iron came before the harder to smelt bronze, it takes higher temperatures.
“Shiva” is pronounced “Shu” by Hindus. Shu is the “God of the Wind” of Egyptians. Curiously, Shiva is sometimes said to be “covered with ashes.” I think true: Shu is the sound a bellows makes when fanning the hearth fire, blowing ashes up and covering the metal worker.
Ancient burials of Neanderthals reveal remains covered in red ocher. That is Iron Oxide...iron ore. Were these their honored metal workers?
Egyptian kings were often depicted as
blue...sometimes red. They called iron the “blue metal.” Hieroglyphs looked at with a Blacksmith’s eye show distinct metalworking/forging tools. Smithies? The “Was” staff of “Ptah” is often seen still today in Thailand used by open irrigation gates. I have witnessed Thai road workers using same “pick” shown in Egyptian hieroglyphs to this day.
E. Wallace Budge spelt it “Butah” not “Ptah.” Butah is one of the avatars of Vishnu. Vishnu was a Blacksmith god…
Ramses II and Yuya...if these skulls aren’t Neanderthals, then the skulls in museums around the world of Neanderthals are mislabeled. Red-headed, some Australian Aborigines?

If you’d like to know more...just reply...I’ll reveal more...Like proof that “Cyrus the Great” was the Akka Nathan...Akhenaton. Absolutely no doubt.

Or that Caral, Peru is linked to the Puru empire of Kerala to the crown prince Amenhotep II and his “Peru nuft” dock at Thebes, Egypt.

…..many ancient civilisations

Yep, I totally agree

…..many ancient civilisations were quite “modern”.

For example, in Mesopotamia they created  100% synthetic paints….whcih is not something we normally associate with ancient civilisations.

Regarding the names of the gods, and their links to other religions...your almost there.

However, what is missing is the context.

And that comes from the realisation that the ancients used the constellations to create a map of Earth.

When that is understood, the stories behind all these ancient gods suddenly start to make sense.

It also explains why ancient scripts refer to the four corners, but in the same book describe Earth as a sphere…..

They were creating a Mercator map of Earth…..

As a note….the proof for this is provided in “The Map That Talked” which shows how the astronomical valuse used in creating the Babel Text can easily give the latitude and the longitude for all the ancient world mystery sites.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

The location of Shiva’s

The location of Shiva’s Palace in the Himalayas is explained by The Babel Text…..

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts



Things are about to become very interesting  :-))))))))))

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts


Excellent! I find it particularly interesting being that the authors of the out of Africa paper have reconciled a few details that didn’t fit with the Africa Idea, that being primarily Australian Aboriginal DNA in places far afield, such as South America, so anything that ties back into the Australian Aboriginal idea from any other continents fits exactly what I’d expect to be found, and the entire idea is rather earth shaking because most folks feel more comfortable with the out of Africa theory, and people tend towards laziness,and often will outright refuse to even consider a differing idea simply because they have become comfortable with it. However, that is the specific mindset that stops learning cold in its tracks whether it is archaeology, or any of the other types of study in the attempt to find definitive evidences of where man came from, in what form and/or color, and how they went forward to develop in whichever ways in whichever areas of the world. It makes for a very interesting story in my humble opinion!

I think what may have

I think what may have happened is the population decreased and moved southwards during the last Ice Age. Then the group in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean migrated northwards and to America at the end of the Ice Age. That idea could cover both possibilities (Out of Africa and Australia outward migration.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Some new artefacts (obtained

Some new artefacts (obtained from museum collections) have just been studied.  

The data is confirming a very ancient link did once exist between Australia and Europe.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

And Asia

And from Australia, through Indonesia, into Asia. No doubt.

Yep…..I just confirmed the

Yep…..I just confirmed the link to China. 

 China was in direct contact with Mesopotamia

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Just to clarify. The image

Just to clarify. The image shown in the paper is an Australian Cylcon not a finger bone. It is a quite large stone that is circa 20,000 years old. 

...the reason why this particular stone is key to this study is the circa 200 lines etched on its surface. This image in the Ancient Origins article shows only one side of the stone. 

A very large number of lines assists the statistical analysis, because I can now use experimental bias to happily align the primary alignment to 5.1 degrees, because in this specific study the primary alignment is then immediately thrown out and no longer becomes central to the second part of the test.

The second part of the test (which is the key to the test) is to look at only the second most; third most; and fourth most common alignments. 

If the alignments are random, as current archaeological theory insists, then the second most to fourth most common alignments seen should also be entirely random, and no statistical link should be seen between very distant art pieces. 

However, If the theory of a world Stone Age text is correct then these secondary alignments should perhaps be common throughout the archaeological record. 

Surprisingly that is what is found, the second to fourth most common values are not just similar.....they are in many cases identical. 

Until now no archaeologist has ever systematically studied the angular distribution seen in these geometric images, because they had no method to systematically align the geometric image. Archaeologists are not astronomers.

Have a look at the two source papers.....I think you will see that the study is very carefully thought out, and statistically the data does links Europe to ancient Australia. The various links between various archaeological sites and art pieces are also described in more detail within my book. 


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts


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