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The Tail of the World

I wish to open this forum topic and pay tribute to the Antarctic region. It is close, from New Zealand where art, myths and legends capture stories of the tail of the World. It is obvious to capture this traditional zone of Pisces by identifying the structure of Antarctic as the tail of the World. The tail looks like it approaches South America, but the helical twist joins the tail through New Zealand and Australia to the body of the World. I would like to recognise the penguin who as a bird resides on Antarctica with strong dynamics based at it's feet.

Where the traditional zone of the heads of Easter Island meets the Pisces zone, we can now push the head up to the North Pole and drop the tail to the South Pole as recognised and defined in my picture. If you are interested in a realignment of the Celestial configuration, drop Pisces to the Southern Polaris and view the mighty Celestial tail in the night sky. This can easily be seen from New Zealand.

Additional information

Greetings, I have managed to put together a small website containing a few summarised articles explaining the details contained in this post. If you are interested please visit;                         

Kind regards Barry