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Acanthus leaves on Corinthian columns. Source: Aslan / Adobe Stock.

Acanthus: Why Old Buildings Use the Same Leaf Design (Video)

The leaf design found on old buildings, especially Corinthian columns , holds a fascinating secret. These leaves, known as acanthus leaves, are woven into the architecture, symbolizing the endurance...
Corinthian columns spotted by swimmer in Israel have led to discovery of Roman shipwreck. Source: Israel Antiquities Authority

Marble Columns Spotted by Swimmer Reveal Bountiful Roman Shipwreck

While swimming in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel, Gideon Harris unexpectedly stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. Little did he know that this uneventful event would lead experts to...
AI Algorithm Identifies Individual Dead Sea Scroll Scribes

AI Algorithm Identifies Individual Dead Sea Scroll Scribes

After 70 years of research and controversy, scientists have finally gained intimate insights into the scroll scribes that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls, after advanced AI was used to analyze their...
The Stoa of Attalos: Restored Agora of Athens Structure Is Amazing

The Stoa of Attalos: Restored Agora of Athens Structure Is Amazing

The Stoa of Attalos (also spelled Attalus) is a monument that was once part of the ancient Agora of Athens. This stoa was built along the eastern edge of the agora, and dates to the 2nd century BC...

The Triumphal Arch of Orange in France - Symbol of the Roman Empire

The Romans left behind remarkable monuments and their influence on architecture cannot be overstated. Many of their public monuments commemorated a military victory and sought to legitimize their...
Interior of the Bacho Kiro Caves

Contested Yet Fascinating Bones Found in the Bacho Kiro Caves

In the past, we were drawn to caves, viewing them as sacred or mysterious places . And it would seem not much has changed, as caves still hold an enduring fascination for humans. One of the most...
Ruins of Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, The Once Eminent Greek City

The ancient Greeks left an enduring legacy and influence the modern world to this day. Whether it be astrology , mathematics, biology , engineering, medicine or linguistics, nearly all of the...