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Preserved Butterfly Accidentally Found In a 390-year-old Insect Book

Preserved Butterfly Accidentally Found In a 390-year-old Insect Book

A perfectly preserved butterfly specimen was discovered pressed between the pages of a 390-year-old book found on the endless Cambridge University Library shelves. The find has generated much...
Was Napoleon’s penis his biggest secret?                  Source: denissimonov / Adobe Stock

The Journey of Napoleon’s Penis: Here’s the Long and the Short of It

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than a “big” story is one where celebrity and bizarre personal details combine to create an even bigger story. This is certainly true in the fascinating and...
Easter Han tomb of Luoyang, Henan Province. Representational image only.

3 Men Suffocate, Die While Looting Ancient Tomb in China

Three men have died and others were incapacitated while grave robbing an ancient tomb in China. The three men died of suffocation in the airless gravesite. Two other men in the tomb called for help,...
Egyptian landscape through Satellite

New satellite images reveal rape and pillage of Egyptian landscape

Egypt has long been aware of its problem with looters trying to get their hands on a slice of the riches that lie buried beneath the Sahara sand. But just how severe the problem is, was not fully...