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Fish strung over a fire – the Viking way of cooking fish. Source: Igor / Adobe Stock.

How Cod Saved the Vikings (Video)

Cod , the mighty fish of the sea, held the Vikings in its firm grasp. These fierce seafarers depended on cod for survival and adventure. With its abundance, the Atlantic cod became their culinary...
Vikings. Summer in the Greenland coast circa year 1000.

Even in Viking Times Norway was Famous for its ‘White Gold’… a ‘Gold’ You can Eat!

New research using DNA from the fish bone remains of Viking-era meals reveals that north Norwegians have been transporting – and possibly trading – Arctic cod into mainland Europe for a millennium...
Fish trade in London

Researchers trace origin of global fish trade in medieval London

Researchers have uncovered the medieval tipping-point when local fishing could no longer support the demands of the burgeoning metropolis, and catches started to come in from as far away as Arctic...