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Burning wood polluted the air in ancient Rome. Source: Ara Hovhannisyan / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Rome’s Polluted Air was Attributed to Burning Wood (Video)

In ancient Rome , the burgeoning glass industry cast a literal shadow over the city. The demand for vast quantities of firewood to fuel glass ovens resulted in a pervasive haze known locally as "...
Representation of an open pit mine to show what the Adivasi tribe are trying to fight against in their home.    Source: Parilov / Adobe stock

Adivasi Tribe Fights to Save Indian Forest From Mining

In India , the land of an indigenous community is under threat from a mining company. A huge area of forest is going to be destroyed due to the proposed mine. This is despite the fact that the...
Blockade of work on Adani Southern Galilee basin rail line. Credit: Takver / flickr

Aboriginal Australians Lose Land Rights to Coal Mine

With no public announcement whatsoever, the Queensland government in Australia has done away with a native title of over 1,385 hectares of Wangan and Jagalingou country for the controversial new...
Barricades of Hambach Forest protest.

The Battle For 12,000-Year-Old Hambach Forest: Police At-tacked By A Unit Of Masked Petrol Bombing Activists

Thousands of environmental protesters have unified in a plight to save the last 200 hectares of Germany's ancient Hambach Forest from being felled by the coal hungry German energy giant RWE. In the...
This iron pot is allegedly an OOPArt found in coal.

OOPArts Found in Coal and Stone: Is There an Explanation for These Anomalous Bells, Chains, Walls and More?

According to the World Coal Association, the process responsible for the formation of coal began 360 to 290 million years ago. With this in mind, it would seem absolutely impossible for any human...
St. Lambertus Church, Immerath.

Impressive Neo-Romanesque Church Destroyed by Mining Company in Germany

A 19th century Catholic Church in Germany was demolished last week by an energy company that destroyed an entire village in order to make way for coal mining in Immerath, Western Germany. The company...
Reconstructed megalithic tombs in Wietrzychowice (50 km to the East of Góry).

Ancient Polish Megaliths Versus Open-pit Mine? A Question of Coal Verses Cultural Heritage

The earliest historical heritage and cultural identity of many Europeans is threatened – by coal. A year ago, in the forest area of Góry in Eastern Wielkopolska (Poland), a set of 5,500-year-old...
Skeleton of Xiongnu female with coal buckle. Image: Marina Kilunovskaya

Tighten Your Belt: 2,200 year-old Xiongnu Jewelry Made of Coal, Jade and Coral

By Sergey Zubchuk and Anna Liesowska Eyecatching belt buckles worn by Xiongnu female invaders have been found buried on the banks of the Yenesei River in the modern-day Tuva Republic. Another buckle...
Will Discovery of Ancient Tombs in Poland Halt a Proposed Coal Mine?

Will Discovery of Ancient Tombs in Poland Halt a Proposed Coal Mine?

Locals opposing a new coal mine in Wielkopolska, central Poland, got help from an unexpected source: their ancestors. Burial mounds more than five thousand years old belonging to the Funnelbeaker...