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Kallanai Dam. Source: Elamaran Elaaa / Adobe Stock.

How Ancient Kings Split a River & Fed Millions (Video)

In antiquity, the Chola Dynasty of southern India demonstrated remarkable ingenuity in managing water resources, particularly in the fertile plains of Tamil Nadu . The ancient Chola caves, dating...
Draksharama Temple, Where Dozens of Hindu Gods Live as a Family

Draksharama Temple, Where Dozens of Hindu Gods Live as a Family

India is a land of many religious and has thousands of remarkable temples and holy sites. One of the most important in all of southern India is the Draksharama Temple, a Hindu site dedicated to the...
Ancient Indian warfare has so many epic tales of battles throughout the ages, from the Indus Valley to the Chola Empire and conflicts with Alexander the Great. Pictured: depiction of the Battle at Lanka, from the epic Ramayana. Source: Sahibdin / Public domain

The Art of Indian Warfare: From the Indus Valley to the Chola Empire

As Indians, we have always been brought up on folk tales, several mythological stories with lots of battles fought with wondrous weapons. We have listened to the tales of the great Kurukshetra War...
Main: Beautiful Gopuras in the Hindu Jambukeswarar Temple in Trichy (Tiruchirapalli), Tamil Nadu, South India, where the gold coin hoard was found.   Source: little_mouse / Adobe stock.         Inset: Representation of the gold coin hoard found at the temple.           Source: Portable Antiquities Scheme / CC BY 2.0.

Gold Coin Hoard Found Hidden Beneath Famous Hindu Temple

A hoard of coins has been uncovered at a famous temple in southern India . Hundreds of gold coins were unearthed in a pot that could date back over a millennium, to when this area was part of the...
Colorful Indian Kangayam Holy Cow ready for pongal festival.           Source: pradeep/ Adobe stock

Happy Pongal! The Ancient Indian Festival That Honors Nature

Many societies celebrate the changing of the seasons and harvest time. One of the most elaborate festivals in India is the Lohri, better known as the Pongal. This is a four-day Hindu festival that...
Detail of a bronze statue presenting Shiva as the Lord of Dance. Nataraja from Tamil Nadu, India. Chola Dynasty.

The Chola Dynasty: Exploring the Achievements of an Indian Empire Spanning 400 Years

The Chola Dynasty was a dynasty that ruled over the southern part of India for about 400 years. Although there were some up’s and down’s, including a time when Chola princesses were the only ones...