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AI generated abstract modern painting of a chieftain of ancient Britannia, possibly Catuvellauni. Source: Pana/Adobe Stock

The Catuvellauni, The Defiant British Tribe That Stood Against Rome

When we consider the history of Pre-Roman Britain, the Catuvellauni truly stand out as a formidable and enigmatic tribe whose legacy echoes through the ages. Nestled in the heart of Ancient Britannia...
Roman legionaries building a defense wall (Travel Drawn/ Abode Stock)

Richborough Fort, Ruins Of The Gateway To Roman Britain

Two thousand years ago the Richborough Roman Fort stood on the Isle of Thanet, off the coast of Kent, separated from the mainland by the strategically important Wantsum Channel. This area of land,...
A group of Trinovantes at a graveside in Colchester by Peter Froste.

The So-Called Druid of Colchester: Physician, Mystical Man, or Both?

In 1996, a team of researchers unearthed a unique burial of a mysterious man. The odd remains and specific funerary equipment thrilled the archaeologists. Was the man who lived 2,000 years ago an...