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Ancient person eating. Credit: Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

Pot Residues Reveal Secrets of Ancient Cuisine

A team of archaeologists from the University of California, Berkeley, have published a new research paper in the journal Scientific Reports , which presents evidence that unglazed ancient ceramics...
6,000-year-old prehistoric pottery from the Sahara Desert, which was subjected to the new dating technique. Source: Emmanuelle Casanova et al. / University of Bristol / Nature

‘Holy Grail’ Dating Technique Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Past

A new archaeological dating technique has been successfully applied to shards of pottery uncovered from a dig in East London’s Shoreditch. The “groundbreaking” new dating technique analyzes fatty...
The Amazon’s new record-breaking tree. Source: Tobias Jackson

A 400-Year-Old ‘Carbon Colossus’ Heralds Hope for Amazonia

At a staggering 88 meters tall, a 400-year-old tree found in the Brazilian Amazon has been declared the region’s largest tree. Researchers are now trying to figure out how it grew to such heights...
The Woolly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria, British Columbia

Could Resurrecting Mammoths Help Stop Arctic Emissions?

If you managed to time travel back to Ice-Age Europe, you might be forgiven for thinking you had instead crash landed in some desolate part of the African savannah. But the chilly temperatures and...
The Only Library Ever Recovered from Antiquity: The 1800 Scrolls of Herculaneum

The Only Library Ever Recovered from Antiquity: The 1800 Scrolls of Herculaneum

The Villa of the Papyri is the name given to a private house that was uncovered in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum. This city, along with nearby Pompeii, is perhaps best remembered for its...
Food and wine preparation - Egyptians

New study reveals ancient Egyptians were mostly vegetarian

New research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science and reported in Live Science has shed light on the ancient Egyptian diet. By analysing the carbon atoms in mummies that had lived in...