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Pirates in a tavern (smile4u/Adobe Stock)

Fine Dining With The Pirates Of The Caribbean

Caribbean cuisine was certainly founded by pirates. Images of filibusters as ragamuffins gnawing bugs in some cell, or perhaps scraping the bottom of some barrel adrift in the Caribbean, hunting for...
10 Of The Most Famous Pirates, Male And Female, Who Ruled The Seas!

10 Of The Most Famous Pirates, Male And Female, Who Ruled The Seas!

There was a Golden Age of Piracy, and that’s not just figurative. It was literally true! Men and women made untold fortunes in gold, silver, jewels, and goods while riding the high seas and bringing...
Matelotage is the marriage / civil union of two male pirates. Source: rdrgraphe / Adobe Stock.

Be My Matelotage! The Civil Union of 17th Century Pirates

Love strikes hard like the broadsiding from a warship, leaving both splinters and buckshot in one’s heart. When it hits, there's nothing anyone can do but accept the bombardment with both arms open...
Pirate or privateer, buccaneer or corsair?

The Intricate World of Pirates, Privateers, Buccaneers, and Corsairs

Piracy can be defined as “the act of attacking ships in order to steal from them”, and one who participates in this act is known simply as a pirate . As simple as this may sound in theory, there were...
A collection of images of the ruins of Port Royal as it stands today.

Unexplored Sunken Pirate City in the Caribbean Will Finally Be Revealed

Seventeenth century life in Port Royal, Jamaica, commonly referred to as "the wickedest city on earth", conjures up images of marauding pirates, treasure hunters, naval conquests, looting, and the...
Port Royal - Pirates

Port Royal and the Real Pirates of the Caribbean

It is fair to say that Pirates of the Caribbean is to pirates what Indiana Jones is to archaeologists. In other words, the romanticization of history for the purpose of entertainment usually comes at...