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Shards of Illumination: Breaking through the Deception


Shards of Illumination: Breaking through the Deception

Academic disinformation appears to be reaching a peak. Was it always this way, and only now with increased connectivity can we see their duplicity? Or are we living in a new era of deception? The new age is not the Anthropocene, it is actually the Deceptocene. Thus we see:

Clerics only telling their flocks half of the gospel story.
Medics refusing to investigate alternative therapeutics.
Climate scientists amending and cherry-picking data.
The media not investigating alternate facts and data.
Academics jumping on bandwagons for grant funding.
Politicians using cherry-picked data to their advantage.

Are these academic deceptions the result of intentional deceit or sheer incompetence? To be sure there are any number of incompetent scientists, historians and clerics, but I get the impression that much of this is due to deliberate falsification and fraud. The world is awash with duplicity and deceit, and it is time to break through the deception.