La Merica: The first true history of the colonization of the Americas


La Merica (la mer’ Ancient Portuguese name for America. Meaning: “The Western Star” This book is made possible by the re-discovery of an ancient science handed down to the Portuguese, by successive secret societies, within the important ancient cultures that preceded them. You will read of the hidden history of the Celts, the Vikings, the Knights Templar, and the Freemasons, as well as the part the author's ancestors played in this history. You may be surprised to read that they all helped shape the pre-Columbian history of the Americas. Evidence is presented that proves Sir Henry Sinclair of Scotland lived in what became, Baltimore, Maryland, and that the Portuguese ceded North America to the Templars in 1362 AD. For the first time unknown facts about Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland are revealed. The solutions to the Newport Tower and Kensington Runestone Mysteries are presented. The true purpose of the Voyage of Columbus is revealed. As you read this incredible story, please compare the physical information presented here against theories some use by some to validate past history. Please remember that the evidence presented here is the product of research, the universal science of mathematics, and physical evidence. (Over 150 photos and charts are included, to validate the information contained in the book.)

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