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Black Plague

Fleas on rats spread the plague. Source: kichigin19 / Adobe Stock.

What Hygiene Was Like During the Black Plague? (Video)

In the 14th century , European hygiene during the Black Plague was far from ideal. Bathing was infrequent, and people resorted to remedies like vinegar and even urine to combat the disease due to a...
Plague epidemic. Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock.

From Horror to Hope: Surviving the Black Plague (Video)

The Black Death , a pandemic that ravaged humanity in the Middle Ages, left a harrowing mark on history. Millions of people succumbed to the plague, and nearly half of Europe's population perished...
Did Pope Gregory IV really start a war on cats in the 13th century? Source: SlothAstronaut / Adobe Stock

The Cat-Quisition: Pope Gregory IX Started a War on— Wait for It—Cats

Anyone with a thing against cats may get some satisfaction from a weird history “fact” circulating on the internet. Used as widespread clickbait, a frequently repeated story claims that in the 13th...
The Medieval Brooch found in Wiltshire. Credit: Solent News and Photo Agency

Thrilled Detectorist Finds 800-Year-Old Brooch with Magical Words to Ward off Illness

Metal detectorists have become important allies to the archaeology community. Over the past few years, several exciting finds of ancient coins, jewelry, tools, weapons, and other assorted metallic...
A grim reaper brings death by boat. Credit: Cushing / Whitney Medical Library

How ‘Death Ships’ Spread Disease Through the Ages

One of the haunting images of this pandemic will be stationary cruise ships – deadly carriers of COVID-19 – at anchor in harbours and unwanted. Docked in ports and feared. The news of the dramatic...
Crossrail archaeologists excavate an apparent mass grave at the Bedlam hospital cemetery

Mass grave of possible bubonic plague victims excavated in London

A mass grave of 30 possible bubonic plague victims is being excavated in London at the huge cemetery of Bedlam mental asylum that was discovered while workers were building the Crossrail subway...
The scene at the supermarket, before the bones were removed

Archaeologists piece together final moments of hundreds of Medieval Parisians

The skeletons of more than 200 medieval Parisians have been moved for further study to a warehouse of the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research in a suburb north of Paris,...