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A computer-generated image of the battle that is thought to have taken place on a remote mountainside south of Chur around 15 BC between Roman troops advancing northwards through the Alps and local Suanetes. Source: Courtesy of Leona Detig

Lost Roman Battlefield in Switzerland Discovered Through Thousands of Artifacts

In 2019, a spectacular Roman dagger was metal detected in a remote region of the Swiss Alps. Now, a team of scientists and students have mapped a 2,000-year-old Roman battlefield representing the...
Charles Hanson, the owner of Hansons Auctioneers, holding the 600-year-old medieval hand cannon. 	Source: Hansons Auctioneers

Garden Rockery Decorative Piece Turns Out to Be Rare 600-Year-Old Hand Cannon!

A seemingly ordinary cannon purchased for a mere £20 ($25) from a flea market in Hertfordshire, England, and repurposed as a decorative piece for a garden rockery has turned out to be a valuable...
Representational image of a Roman soldier with a red-crested helmet. Source: Sunshower Shots / Adobe Stock

Romans Wore Red-Crested Helmets to Avoid Fratricide on the Battlefield

We’ve all become accustomed to seeing iconic red-crested helmets depicted in Hollywood battle scenes set in the Roman era. But, are these red crests historically accurate or just a product of...
Edinburgh Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted monuments in the world! This is unsurprising, given all the bloodshed it’s seen since the 12th century.	Source: Savvapanf Photo / Adobe Stock

Seven Haunted Monuments and Their Violent Past

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Historic monuments throughout the globe are said to be home to ghostly goings-on. Travel to any city in the world and you’re likely to find haunted landmarks and...
Archaeologists prepare burial excavation unit for removal of remains at the Camden Battleground site. Source: Sarah Nell Blackwell / South Carolina Battleground Trust

Excavations at the Battle of Camden Site Unearth 14 Revolutionary War Victims

On November 11 the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust issued a press release announcing an important discovery related to the American Revolutionary War. While excavating at the site of...
Archaeologists Make Shocking Discovery At The Tollense Battle Site

Archaeologists Discover Tollense Battle Was Actually A Massacre

Archaeologists in Germany are rewriting history by proving that Europe's oldest battle in the German Tollense Valley was actually Europe’s oldest massacre. The Tollense battlefield is a Bronze Age...
The modern day remains of Olsztyn Castle which is strongly linked to the rule of Casimir the Great.     Source: Tomasz Warszewski / Adobe Stock

Hidden Caves and Lost Battlefield Linked to Casimir the Great Found

Casimir the Great is one of the greatest figures in Polish history and played an important role in Medieval Eastern Europe. Two recent finds are providing exciting new insights into his reign. In...
Representation of Hannibal and the Carthaginians before battle.       Source: Iuliia KOVALOVA / Adobe stock

New Site Identified For Battlefield Of Hannibal’s First Great Victory

Archaeologists in Spain have discovered the lost battlefield where the legendary Hannibal won his first great victory before his march on Rome. Hannibal was the famous Carthaginian statesman and...
English Battlefield Found      Source: PatSM / Adobe Stock

Archaeologists Locate Battlefield Dubbed ‘Where England Began’

The lost battlefield of Brunanburh, the battle that created England, has finally been located by archaeologists. The battle of Brunanburh was fought in 937 AD between King Athelstan of Wessex in what...
Several mass graves have been found at the site of one of the biggest battles of the Napoleonic Wars, during which some 55,000 soldiers died in July 1809.

The Napoleonic Discovery of Mass Graves in Austria

A team of battlefield archaeologists near Deutsch-Wagram in Austria, working from a “makeshift detective's office inside a shipping container with photos of mass graves,” have discovered one of the...
The remains of warriors lie scattered on the battlefield of Tollense.

Scientists Discover Clues to Identities of Mystery Warriors Lying on an Ancient Battlefield

Archaeologists have begun piecing together evidence that may finally reveal the identities of the mystery warriors whose remains lie scattered across a 3,300-year-old battlefield at the Tollense...
A group of Yotvingians

Yotvingians – Mighty Warriors of the Baltic Sea

The Yotvingians were one of the most influential tribes to live near the Baltic Sea. Their name is known from the first historical books of the world. Despite their centuries of domination in the...