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Artistic recreation of the use of Mesolithic baskets by a group of hunter-gatherers in the Cueva de los Murciélagos de Albuñol. (Moisés Belilty Molinos / CC BY ND) Insert: A pair of sandals discovered in the cave. (Martínez Sevilla, F. et al. / Science Advances)

6,200-Year-Old Sandals Found in Spanish Cave are Europe’s Oldest Shoes

Scientists claim to have found Europe’s oldest shoes in a bat cave in Spain’s Andalusia - sandals woven from esparto grass that date back some 6,200 years. These were part of a large haul of objects...
Woven grass mat fragments, approximately 3,000 years old, extracted from an ancestral Kodiak Alutiiq dwelling near Karluk Lake.       Source: Alutiiq Museum

3,000-Year-Old Woven Artifacts Discovered at Ancestral Alutiiq Site

A significant discovery was made by archaeologists from the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository: fragments of woven grass artifacts, believed to be 3,000 years old. These pieces were...
Sections of the Book of the Twelve Minor Prophets scroll discovered in the Judean Desert expedition prior to their conservation. Source: Shai Halevi / Israel Antiquities Authority

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Discovered In Judean Desert Cave

Dozens of fragments of a 2,000-year-old biblical “Dead Sea scroll” have been found in a cave in the Judean desert, Israel. It is the first time such text has been found in 60 years, since the...
5,300-Year-Old Textile Impressions Unearthed in Scotland

5,300-Year-Old Textile Impressions Unearthed in Scotland

The colorful threads, strings, yarns, twines, and ropes that wove together the Neolithic world have greatly rotted back to whence they came, leaving archaeologists and anthropologists only grey stone...
Left: The ancient medieval fishing basket (‘kype’ / ‘putt’) dating back to the 14th century, which was found buried in silt and clay in the Severn Estuary. Right: This is a representation of what the medieval fishing basket may have looked like. Source: Black Rock Lave Heritage Fishery

Catch of the Day! Medieval Fishing Basket Found in the Severn

Traditional fishermen have made a unique discovery, they have found a medieval fishing basket that is up to 700-years-old stuck in some silt, in a British estuary. It has been preserved in the clay...
Deriv; Dramatic view from Mount Saint Helena, California (CC BY-SA 4.0), and photo of a Pomo native in a tule boat, circa 1924.

Ancient Age: The Coming of the Amerindians

A hundred and forty million years ago, Lake County, a part of Northern California, began with another of the ear-splitting rumbles that were a part of a continuing grand archaeological planet-wide...
11th century Pre-Columbian mummy who has surprised scientists with antibiotic-resistant genes.

Ancient Peruvian Mummy Surprises Researchers with Antibiotic-Resistant Genes

A mummy uncovered at the ancient site of Cusco in Peru has surprised scientists with what was contained in its gut. Genes linked to antibiotic resistance have been found in the Pre-Columbian mummy’s...