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The Crowning with Thorns (c. 1603) by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610).  Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) in Vienna. Source: Adam Ján Figeľ/Adobe/Stock

Caravaggio, The Artist Who Died For His Art (Video)

Caravaggio, the charismatic artist of the Baroque era, left an undeniable mark on the art world with his revolutionary chiaroscuro technique, which brought an unparalleled depth and drama to his...
Susanna and the Elders, by Artemisia Gentileschi in 1610. Source: Public domain

Artemisia Gentileschi Used Art To Avenge Her Rape

Since the 1970s, the work of Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi has seen a surge in popularity due to her unique perspective as a female artist of the 17th century. Artemisia Gentileschi...
The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, St. Petersburg, Russia. The 18th century cathedral is the final resting place of many members of the Russian royal family, including Peter the Great and Catherine the Great. Source: yulenochekk / Adobe Stock

Sacred Marvels: 17 Cathedrals That Will Take Your Breath Away, In Pictures

Cathedrals are some of the most awe-inspiring structures in the world, with their grandeur and intricate details captivating visitors for centuries. These religious buildings are often the most...
Miagao Church, a Baroque Spanish Style Historic Site, Philippines.      Source: nathanallen/ Adobe Stock

Miagao and The Baroque Churches of the Philippines

There are many important architectural and historic sites in the Philippines dating from the four centuries of Spanish occupation . Their influence is to be found in many areas, including the Baroque...
Vaduz Castle in the capital of Liechtenstein.             Source:  lic0001/Adobe Stock

Vaduz Castle, The Ancient Home of Liechtenstein’s Royal Family

Liechtenstein is one of the world’s smallest micro-states and lies nestled between Switzerland and Austria . This small principality has many historic sites, the most famous of which is Vaduz Castle...
Kalmar Castle

The Small Swedish Town of Kalmar Has a Massive History

The city of Kalmar is one of the most historic, not only in Sweden, but in all Scandinavia. It is located in south-east Sweden near the Baltic coast. The town is one that is much loved by...
Buda Castle

Buda Castle: Hidden Walls, Subterranean Chambers and Medieval Structures

Castles hold a particular fascination for many modern tourists and travelers. They are a unique way to understand the past and relive history. Ranked among the top ten most impressive castles in...
A Feast for the Eyes and Ears: The World’s Most Beautiful and Majestic Library

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears: The World’s Most Beautiful and Majestic Library

The Clementinum is a complex of historical buildings founded by Jesuits in Prague, Czech Republic, and is famous for its stunning Baroque-style library which houses more than 20,000 historically rare...
Gone Without a Trace? Searching for the Tomb of the Famous Artist Diego Velazquez

Gone Without a Trace? Searching for the Tomb of the Famous Artist Diego Velazquez

Diego Velázquez was a standout artist amongst iconic Spanish painters and his artwork is famous around the world. As a painter in the court of King Phillip IV of Spain, Velázquez is best known for...