A group of Yotvingians

Yotvingians – Mighty Warriors of the Baltic Sea

The Yotvingians were one of the most influential tribes to live near the Baltic Sea. Their name is known from the first historical books of the world. Despite their centuries of domination in the...
170-Year-Old Champagne Found in Shipwreck

Sunken Treasure: Scientists Taste 170-Year-Old Champagne Found in Shipwreck

What does champagne left on the bottom of the ocean for 170 years taste like? Leather and wet dog, apparently. Those were the initial findings by a team of scientists and lucky tasters after...
Viking Age older than what believed

Is the Period of the Vikings older than what believed?

According to what we know from history, Vikings appeared in about the 7 th century AD. A written Church chronicle of that era referred to the fierce Scandinavian warriors. Vikings expanded across...