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Mesopotamian clay balls have been unearthed in Iran. Source: Fair use

Mesopotamian Clay Balls: Ancient Relics or Prehistoric Hard Drives?

Research conducted in late 2013 offered intriguing clues to decoding the secrets of the Mesopotamian clay balls, which date back 5,500 years. The study, which used CT scanning to look inside the clay...
Stone spere excavated in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica, being restored.            Source: INAH

Six Ancient Stone Spheres from Diquís Delta in Costa Rica Excavated

Archaeologists from Costa Rica’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH) and the National Museum of Costa Rica (MNCR) have recovered and restored six ancient stone spheres from the small...
A ceramic Chuiwan golf ball (R) and a modern golf ball (L) displayed in an art gallery at Pingdingshan University, Henan Province, China.	Source: Li An / Xinhua

1,000-Year-Old Chuiwan Golf Balls Discovered In China

Mainstream history would have you believe the modern game of golf originated in 15th-century Scotland. Golf's first major, and the world's oldest tournament in existence, was The Open Championship (...
Leather balls thought to belong to horsemen of Northern China have been found.       Source: 孝通 葛 / Adobe Stock

Leather Balls of Ancient Horsemen Used In 3000-year-old War Games

Researchers believe that they have found the oldest balls ever uncovered in Eurasia. The set of leather balls were found in graves of Central Asian horse riders in northern China. They are offering...
Stone balls, aka petrospheres were found at Qesem cave, Israel.        Source: Assaf et al 2020

Mystery of Stone Balls at ‘Magic’ Qesem Cave Finally Solved

Petrospheres, or spheroids, are two archaeological names for any man-made spherical object made from stone. These mostly prehistoric artifacts have been found intricately carved and painted,...
Costa Rica Spheres

Who Made the Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica?

Many will be familiar with the opening scene of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where a giant stone sphere nearly crushes Indiana Jones to death. While everyone recognises the movie as a work of fiction,...
Five carved stone spheres from Scotland held at the Ashmolean Museum

Geometric Stone Spheres of Scotland: Part 2 – Explanations From Platonic Solids to Sexual Healing

The purpose of these, predominantly Scottish in origin, spheres is unknown, although simple theories range from projectiles to predictive devices and more. But the sophistication of their design and...
Figure 1. Geometric stone spheres. (Photo Credit: Martin Morrison, taken at Hunterian Museum, Glasgow)

Geometric Stone Spheres of Scotland: Part 1 – More Than A Projectile - What Possible Purpose 5,000-years Ago?

“O nly in the period when Megalithic Man was setting out the sophisticated stone rings has a sufficiently high standard of mathematical knowledge and skill ever been reached before the fifteenth...
Clay accounting ball with calculi, counters, and evolution of cuneiform. Exhibit in the Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Solution to the 5,500-year-old Mesopotamian Clay Ball Enigma

In late 2013, interesting fresh evidence dating back five and a half millennia was found, giving insights into the enigma of the Mesopotamian clay balls. Through use of CT scanning to peer into the...
A leftover from Jurassic Times.

Dinosaur Eggs, Meteorites, Signs of an Ancient Civilization: What are these Giant Balls?

Found 30 metres underground at a coal mine, they are dubbed Jurassic pearls or the marbles of a Siberian colossus. The ten spheres are around half the size of a human, a metre or so in diameter, and...