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bad luck

Ancient superstitions abound, including the belief that breaking a mirror can bring bad luck. Source: Ricky / Adobe Stock

10 Spine-Chilling Ancient Superstitions and Their Origins

Superstitions have long held a grip on human imagination, weaving threads of fear and fascination into the tapestry of our history. Today many of us no longer believe in them (or claim not to) but...
Aerial image of Bonamargy Friary in Northern Ireland. Source: peter / Adobe Stock

The Haunted History and Resting Heroes of Bonamargy Friary

Old ruins and abandoned places have always tickled the imagination. They’ve also been a primary source for local legends across the centuries. Ireland, thanks to its long and rich history, is full of...
After a ten year run of bad luck, an Irish farmer was advised by University College Cork to contact druids to perform a ceremony. Source: heywoody / Adobe Stock

Cursed Irish Farmer Calls in The Druids

A Cork farmer has employed the services of druids to end his decade of bad luck after a bull damaged an ancient standing stone on his land. The Irish farmer, Donal Bohane, owns a 30-acre (12.1 ha.)...
Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii, from which Nicole stole the "cursed" Pompeii artifacts. Source: dbvirago / Adobe Stock

Woman Begs Italy to Take Back “Cursed” Pompeii Artifacts

A Canadian woman has blamed her double mastectomy on “cursed” Pompeii artifacts that she stole from the famous Italian archaeological site earlier in her life. She was so convinced of their evil...
Evil Eye

A 1,800-year-old ring and the curse of the ‘evil eye’

Last year, archaeologists in Croatia found a remarkable 1,800-year-old ring with an ‘eye’ that was used to protect the wearer from spells or a bad curse, often referred to as the ‘evil eye’. The...