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Dr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary

Dr. Sachin Kumar Tiwary


Sachin Kr Tiwary, born on 1st February 1985 in the Chaibasa (Singhbhum district of Jharkhand), has a great passion for the field of archaeology right from his college days. He had passed Graduation and Post Graduation from Banaras Hindu University and also completed Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology from Institute of Archaeology in 2009. He has been awarded his Ph.D. degree on “Rock Art of Kaimur Region (Bihar)” from Patna University, Patna. He has worked as Assistant Archaeologist and Deputy Superintending Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey of India since 2009 to 2015. At present, he is working as Assistant Professor in the dept. Of AIHC and Archaeology, BHU.

He has published more than 30 articles research papers in International, National and regional Journals. He has also presented several research papers in many International, National and regional level. He has a book on “Monolithic Pillars of the Gupta Period” and one edited book on “Study of Material Remains in Indian Perspective” and many monographs on various aspect of archaeology in his credit. Presently he is working on a book entitled “Sarnath: An Appraisal”.  He is a life member of many international and national societies of Archaeology and Indology such as IAS, ISPQS, RASI and IAHC.



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