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Exoplanet “K2-18b” is 50% water could possibly harbor alien life. Source: Sergey Nivens / Adobe Stock.

First Ever Find of Water on ‘Potentially Habitable’ Planet Gives Hope for Finding Alien Life

For the first time ever, astronomers have identified water trapped in the atmosphere of a remote planet orbiting a distant star. When Gillian Anderson played Dana Scully she famously said, “The truth...

The Moon and Its Atmosphere: What You May Not Know

Many people are convinced the Moon lacks an atmosphere. They believe it is directly exposed to the vacuum of space. But this is incorrect. In fact, there is an atmosphere on the Moon. It is far less...
Extraterrestrial Life Found in Earth’s Atmosphere

Scientists Reveal Extraterrestrial Life Found in Earth’s Atmosphere

British scientists have found evidence for a microscopic organism living 27 kilometres above Earth in the stratosphere and argue that it could not have been carried up into the atmosphere by storms...
Earth leaking atmosphere - plasma

Earth leaking atmosphere into Space

The cluster mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) was introduced in 1982 with the goal to investigate the magnetosphere of Earth. Earth’s magnetic field extends from the inner core outwards and...