Atacama Desert

The head of an ancient Chinchorro mummy from northern Peru

7,000-year-old Chinchorro mummies are turning gelatinous

The Chinchorro mummies of Chile survived more than 7,065 years without deteriorating until about 10 years ago, when moisture began to allow bacterial growth that is making them turn gelatinous and...
The Atacama Giant

The puzzling case of the Atacama Giant

The most well-known geoglyphs in the world are undoubtedly the Nazca Lines of coastal Peru. Yet, in the Atacama Desert of Chile, there is another group of geoglyphs that are equally as impressive...
The 7,000-Year-Old Chinchorro Mummies of the Andes

The 7,000-Year-Old Chinchorro Mummies of the Andes

The mummies of ancient Egypt are arguably the most famous mummies in the world. They are not, however, the oldest that we know of. The Chinchorros of South America began preserving their dead about 7...
Burial site at Peru

Archaeologists discover burial site of unknown culture in Peru

Archaeologists from the University of Wrocław have discovered more than 150 ancient graves in the Atacama Desert belonging to a previously unknown culture in Peru, according to a report in PAP -...
7,000-year-old mummy in Chile

School children uncover 7,000-year-old mummy in Chile

A group of schoolchildren have discovered a 7,000-year-old mummy while on an archaeology field trip in northern Chile over the weekend, reported La Tercera . The mummy belongs to the Chinchorro...
Pre-Columbian mummies Chile - arsenic poisoning

Pre-Columbian mummies in Chile show signs of arsenic poisoning

A team of scientists have discovered that people of numerous pre-Columbian civilizations in northern Chile, including the Incas and the Chinchorro culture, suffered from chronic arsenic poisoning...