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An archaeologist uncovers the indoor pool in the Roman villa, the first such find in the area. Source: Albania’s National Institute of Cultural Heritage / Facebook.

Unique 1,600-Year-Old Roman Indoor Pool Discovered in Albania

In the Albanian port city of Durrës, archaeologists have made a sensational discovery: a 1600-year-old Roman indoor pool, a first of its kind in the area. This find happened whilst Albanian...
Ancient traditional salt production in Bali, Indonesia. Source: lenaivanova2311 / Adobe Stock.

An Elaborate Affair: Getting Dressed as an 18th Century Gentleman (Video)

Dressing as an 18th-century gentleman was no easy feat. The process of getting dressed was highly regimented and required the help of a valet or servant to assist in the process. Each item of...
Left: The inscription on the column lists the titles of Djedkare’s wife, queen Setibhor. (Hana Vymazalová) Right: North and east walls of the decorated antechamber of the ancient Egyptian nobleman’s tomb.

Experts Find Lost Queen’s Name and a Favorite Nobleman’s Tomb in Saqqara

Experts working in a famous pyramid complex in Egypt have announced the discovery of the tomb of a nobleman. It was made in perhaps the most important archaeological site for the study of the early...
Ring of Death - Bulgaria

The 14th-Century Bulgarian Ring of Death

Bulgarian archaeologists excavating the remains of the medieval fortress on Cape Kaliakra, near the town of Kavarna on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, last year found a well-preserved man’s ring which...