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Arctic Circle

The Pegtymel petroglyphs depicting hallucinogenic mushroom-headed figures, which is evidence of the use of magic mushrooms 2,000 years ago in northeast Russia.          Source: Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences

Russia’s Fascinating Remote “Magic Mushroom” Pegtymel Petroglyphs

Russia’s Pegtymel petroglyphs, 2,000-year-old artworks found in a remote area of Arctic Russia, have been revealed to show scenes of hunting, and ritual hallucinogenic mushroom use. The telling...
Magical landscape within the Arctic Circle. Source: Feel good studio / Adobe Stock

Arctic Circle Anomalies: Archaeological Insight Under the Permafrost

The Arctic Circle is the farthest northern of the five major circles of latitude on the planet. It marks the northernmost point at which the center of the noon sun is just visible on the winter...
The perfectly preserved snout of the adult Ice Age bear recently found in Russia.        Source: North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk (NEFU)

World’s First Perfectly Preserved Ice Age Bear Found in Russia

The frozen wastes of Russia have long preserved ancient animals and have yielded many important Ice Age finds. Recently, reindeer herders came across a preserved Ice Age bear . This is the first...
In this photo you can see a collapsed block of ice-rich permafrost along Drew Point, Alaska. Ancient diseases released from such rapid change pose a dire threat to 21st-century human populations.            Source: Benjamin Jones, U.S. Geological Survey / Public domain

Ancient Diseases Released By Rapid Permafrost Meltdown Threaten Europe

“Another” scientist has warned about ancient diseases released by melting permafrost in the Arctic Circle and the potential harm that could result. Adding to the list of scientists warning that...
Stolbovoy Island, it would have been connected to the mainland. Source: Ilya Kravchenko (via Siberian Times)

Are These Tools Left by Paleolithic Travelers on the Beringia Land Bridge?

By The Siberian Times reporter Excavations are to be made after the discovery of evidence indicating the world’s most northerly paleolithic site on this remote island off the Arctic coast of Yakutia...
'The cultural layer was eroded by wind and we found the fragment of the cup.

1,000-Year-Old Persian Cup Unearthed in Remote Region of Arctic Russia

By The Siberian Times Reporter The find of the fragment of the medieval bronze cup - from modern-day Iran - was made by scientists on an expedition to monitor permafrost on the Gydan Peninsula for...
Russian Mummies

Mystery mummies uncovered in Russia have connections to Persia

Archaeologists have resumed excavations at Zeleniy Yar , a remote site near the Arctic Circle known to the indigenous Nenets people as “the end of the earth”. This same site has already revealed...