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Skull from specimen HLD 6 at Hualongdong, now identified as a new archaic human species. Source: Wu et al./Journal of Human Evolution

Discovery of New Archaic Human Species Announced by Chinese Scientists

A team of evolutionary scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, several Chinese universities and the National Research Center on Human Evolution in Spain has shocked the scientific world by...
Static skull, mandible & parietal orthographic of the new Homo species. Source: Tel Aviv University / Science.

New Type of Homo Species in Levant Changes Human History Forever

The story of the evolution of human beings from their most primitive and ancient ancestors has just gotten a whole lot more interesting. In the Levant, often described as the crossroads of western...
The reconstructed face of a Siberian Denisovan (right) alongside the Hebrew University’s own representation of a Sunda Denisovan (left).            Source: Left © Hernandez/Cartwright/Collins; b) © Maayan-Harel)

Two Faces of a Denisovan Revealed and Explained

Andrew Collins exclusively reveals the true face of a Siberian Denisovan. What the Denisovans might have looked like has been one of the hottest debates in paleoanthropology since the discovery of...
Bones from the hand of a male human ancestor Danuvius guggenmosi.	Source: Christoph Jäckle / Nature

Evidence Suggests Human Ancestor Walked Upright In Trees

Scientists have described an 11.62 million-year-old ape that moved like no other creature on Earth using its human legs and orangutan arms. A team of scientists from Eberhard Karls University of...
Swan shamanism could go back hundreds of thousands of years.       Source: abiwarner / Adobe Stock

Wing Bone Indicates Swan Shamanism Could Be 420,000 Years Old!

The idea that the human soul might take the form of a swan to journey from this world to the next could be one of the oldest fundamental beliefs of human kind, or so suggests a new discovery from the...
Representation of a Neanderthal, one of the five archaic human groups. Source: regis allouet /Adobe Stock

Modern Humans Interbred With At Least Five Archaic Human Groups

Genetic analysis has revealed that the ancestors of modern humans interbred with at least five different archaic human groups as they moved out of Africa and across Eurasia. While two of the archaic...
Skull of Malapa hominid 1 (MH1) from South Africa, named "Karabo". The combined fossil remains of this juvenile male is designated as the holotype for Australopithecus sediba.  Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Statistical Date Analysis Concludes That 'Ancient Human' Was Not Our Ancestor

One of the great issues in all of science is the search for the direct ancestor of modern humans. Many species of hominin have been put forward down the years and a recently uncovered species...
Representative image of skull discovery (not Denisovan)

First Ever Skull Fragments of Denisovans Have Been Confirmed Found in Russia

A breakthrough discovery has been made in Russia which will reveal more about an enigmatic early species of human . Paleo-archaeologists have now identified some skull fragments from the long-extinct...