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A Family of Carib natives drawn from life, by Agostino Brunias. Source: Public Domain

Dark Secret of the First Native Americans to Meet Columbus (Video)

In October 1492, Christopher Columbus's encounter with the Arawak-speaking natives marked a pivotal moment in history, unveiling a complex narrative of migration and cultural exchange in the...
French Archaeologists Discover 113 Intact Ancient Guadeloupe Burials

French Archaeologists Discover 113 Intact Ancient Guadeloupe Burials

French archaeologists working for INRAP (the National Institute for Preventive Archaeology Research) recently found something unique and unprecedented on the archipelago of Guadeloupe in the...
Some archaeologists pointed to dramatic shifts in Caribbean pottery styles as evidence of new migrations. But the Caribbean DNA study shows all of the styles were created by one group of people over time. These effigy vessels belong to the Saladoid pottery type, ornate and difficult to shape.            Source: Corinne Hofman and Menno Hoogland / Florida Museum of Natural History

DNA Study Rewrites Caribbean Population History

In 1492 AD, Christopher Columbus famously sailed across the Atlantic and landed in the Americas. He and his men were the first Europeans to wash up in the Bahamas, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and...
Fort Diamant.

Fort Diamant, A Little French Gem in South America

The presence of France has been documented in the Caribbean and Latin America for centuries. Today, French Guiana, located in South America , is part of France and the only territory of the mainland...
Soldier’s barracks at Fort Rodney 		Source: Hunkeler, C / CC BY-SA 2.0

Battles of the Caribbean: Fort Rodney, St Lucia – Built by the British to Spy on the French

Today, we think of the Caribbean as a tropical paradise, however, the area was once of strategic importance for the European Empires and a key battleground from the 17 th to the 19 th century. There...
Hato Cave

Hato Caves –Shelter of the Rebellious Slaves of Curaçao

Caves and cave systems have an enduring fascination for us and are to be found all over the world. While some still remain undiscovered or closely guarded secrets, many are open to the public and...
These Taino gods were carved at the Ponce site at least 500 years ago.

The last traces of the Taino: Puerto Rican ceremonial sites stand as testament of a rich culture

An ancient ball court, a midden mound and about 400 burials that date back to before Europeans arrived in the Caribbean were found on the Portugues River in Puerto Rico several years ago. The site...