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antikythera mechanism

The relics humans have chosen to worship over the course of human history can often help us understand the extent of belief systems and the anatomies of faith. Source: Top: Village Preservation Blog Bottom: epic_images / Adobe Stock; Public domain; Golden Palace Events

Footprints, Fairies and even a Foreskin: 9 Bizarre Relics from History

From time immemorial, people had the need to venerate objects of great significance: religious relics, mythical symbols or depictions of holy figures. As if in answer to this need, the religious...
AI image of a bustling ancient Greek agora, filled with passionate philosophers engaged in intense debates, surrounded by exquisite marble statues. Source: stocker/Adobe Stock

Seven Fascinating Things about Greek History (Video)

In the annals of history, Greek civilization stands as a beacon of innovation and intrigue. Delving beyond the well-trodden paths of mythology and philosophy, we uncover seven captivating facets of...
Representational image of ancient amazing inventions. Source: Anna / Adobe Stock

Ancient Marvels: Ten Amazing Inventions Created Before Their Time

Dating back thousands of years are numerous examples of amazing inventions and ancient technology that leave us awe-struck at the knowledge and wisdom held by people of our past. They were the result...
Skeptics Question Whether Antikythera Start Date Has Been Found

Skeptics Question Whether Antikythera Start Date Has Been Found

The contraption known as the Antikythera mechanism, often dubbed the world’s first computer, was first “turned on” on 22 December 178 BC, claims a study published in preprint online journal arXiv ...
Modern model of the Antikythera Mechanism ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Antikythera Shipwreck and the Discovery of Ancient Tech That Shocked the World

Around 60 BC, a ship was wrecked off the northeast coast of a small island called Aigila in the straits between Crete and the Peloponnese. The exact character of the ship is not known, but it was...
Antikythera Mechanism -  National Archaeological Museum, Athens by Joy of Museum (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Antikythera Mechanism: Who Designed the World’s Oldest Astronomical Computer?

Since its discovery in a shipwreck near Greece in 1900, an ancient metallic astronomical clock, called the ‘Antikythera Mechanism’ still baffles scientists. Research articles on the clock offer loose...
Antikythera Mechanism

New analysis of Antikythera Mechanism reveals clues to one of history’s greatest puzzles

A new study of the world famous Antikythera mechanism has revealed fascinating new information about the puzzling artifact, including that the maths used for its eclipse prediction appears to be...
Diving for the Antikythera Wreck

Unprecedented exploration of Antikythera wreck yields new treasures

In the first underwater exploration of its kind, a Greek and international team of divers and archaeologists have used a new high-tech exosuit to reach deep waters in which the world-renowned...
Ancient Antikythera wreck

Researchers to revisit ancient Antikythera wreck using new technology

The Antikythera wreck in the Aegean Sea is a world-famous underwater archaeological site thrown into the spotlight in 1900 when researchers discovered an incredible mechanical device, now known as...
The Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism was discovered in 1900 during the recovery of a shipwreck off of the Greek island, Antikythera, in waters 60 meters deep. It is a metallic device which consists of a complex...