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The Great Pyramid of Giza as a monument of creation

The Great Pyramid of Giza as a monument of creation - Part 4: Fire Element

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Dr. Andrija K. Puharich, born in 1918 in Chicago, was a physician, inventor and parapsychologist and has many patents of inventions in the medical field to his name. Andrija Puharich had great admiration for the Serbian scientist Dr. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) for his research on low frequency electromagnetic (ELF) waves in the early 20th century.

An important invention of Puharich, in 1983, was the splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by means of powerful resonance resulting in an environmentally friendly fuel made ​​of water. A critical resonance in water molecules, induced by strong alternating current impulses, which only strengthened itself, like soldiers marching over a bridge.

The "breaking" of water through powerful resonance is to this day not accepted by current science as a method for the production of hydrogen, but this is exactly what took place in the resonance chamber of the Great Pyramid. It is here applied for the cleanest possible way to produce a very valuable fuel from the pure raw water. The water molecules are 'broken' and the chambers and passages located above the grotto (water seal or valve) in the well shaft of the Great Pyramid are filled with the hydrogen gas and oxygen gas mixture (image 9).

In the resonance chamber (King's Chamber) of the Great Pyramid, which is completely filled with water vapour, the water will decompose by resonance instead of electricity, but finds the same reaction as for the electrolysis of water: 2H2O → 2H2 + O2 (hydrogen and oxygen from water).

Image 9. Water (blue), water vapour (yellow) and hydrogen and oxygen (red)

In a fuel cell a reverse reaction takes place and therefore we call it reverse electrolysis. In this case hydrogen and oxygen are guided to a cathode and an anode that are separated to each other by a membrane, and there an electric current starts to flow from the anode to the cathode. Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy using heat, and water is released. The water is thereby the waste or residue. This reaction takes place in the two shafts of the reaction chamber or Queen's Chamber.

The two electrodes (cathode and anode) are still present in the shafts (image 10).

Image 10. The electrodes in the shafts of the Queens Chamber

An important application of the fuel cell is the oxyhydrogen cell in which oxygen and hydrogen react with each other directly without membrane. This application without membrane takes place in the reaction shafts of the reaction chamber (Queen's Chamber) and the two shafts act as oxy hydrogen cells.

The gas flow of hydrogen and oxygen is led along both electrodes with the conductive connecting liquid (electrolyte) water vapour, which contains dissolved sodium chloride or table salt NaCl.

An electrolyte is the conductive medium that forms the connection between the two electrodes (anode and cathode), and in this case it is sodium chloride NaCl dissolved in water (vapour), which is a very strong electrolyte. Salt (NaCl) is very well soluble, and that portion which has been dissolved in water is completely split into ions so that the solution can be electrically conductive.

Electrolyte solutions can be formed as a salt (for example, NaCl) and is placed in a solvent such as water. The first researchers found a 1.27-inch thick salt layer on the walls of the Queen's Chamber. Nowhere else in the Great Pyramid was salt found and they could not suspect what the salt was used for.

The builders of the Great Pyramid show us how hydrogen can be produced without the use of electricity and in this way give us the opportunity to let go present destructive explosion technology. Clean energy from the resonant frequency of our own Earth. As discovered and implemented by Nikola Tesla and Andrija Puharich. A legacy that is more precious than all the gold on Earth, but there will be a high price to be paid. Unfortunately, several researchers have experienced this at first hand. For both the researchers and economies there is currently too much at stake.

"Resonance splitting water molecules and produces energy from water - the most advanced technology through clean, pure and subtle energy".

What reveals the presence of hydrogen in the King's-or resonance chamber?

A modern radar installation transmits electromagnetic radiation and receives the radiation reflected back by objects via an antenna. This electromagnetic radiation is guided from the radar installation to and from the antenna via a so-called waveguide. Such a waveguide is suited for the rapid transit of electromagnetic radiation of a specific wavelength. With a radar installation on board ships the electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength of 3 and 10 centimeters and that means that the waveguide is adjusted by means of its dimensions. For 3 centimeters radiation the rectangular aspect ratio of the waveguide is 3 by 1.5 centimetre and the waveguide for 10-centimetre radiation is 10 by 5 centimetre.

The first waveguide was theoretically developed in 1893 by the British physicist J.J.Thomson (1856-1940) and in 1894 the first experiments took place.

Such a waveguide thus has a rectangular cross section (image 11) and the radiation passed through, is, as it were, "locked" due to the size of the waveguide in relation to the wavelength of the respective electromagnetic radiation. In fact, a waveguide is nothing else than a hollow metal pipe with a rectangular cross section, intended for the optimal guiding of radio waves. The largest natural waveguide, which we know, is the space between the Earth and the ionosphere, with a length equal to the circumference of the Earth, for guiding the Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz. A waveguide in the form of a shell around the Earth.

  Image 11. Waveguide and northern shaft King's Chamber

Such a waveguide can also be found in the resonance chamber of the Great Pyramid. This is the northern shaft that has been sealed on the inside with a thin slab of granite to prevent the gas from escaping to the outside under normal circumstances (image11).

The dimensions of the northern shaft correspond to the waveguide for the passage of radiation having a wavelength of 21 centimeters, or the wavelength of hydrogen gas! The dimensions of the shaft are exactly 21 by 10.5 centimeters or 8 by 4 inches.

When the hydrogen pressure in the resonance chamber became too high, one could in case of an emergency open this over-pressure shaft from the outside of the pyramid by means of a granite ball which fits exactly in this shaft. This granite ball was released in the outer opening of the northern shaft and thus the thin granite slab in the resonance chamber will be broken by the speed and force of impact of the ball and allowed the dangerous excess pressure to be reduced by venting the gas through this shaft. This granite ball was one of the few objects ever found in the Great Pyramid and of which the function has never been clear.

The southern shaft in the resonance chamber has always been open and has a different shape. This shaft was responsible for a low humming sound made by ​​the pyramid and which Herodotus mentioned ​​(the "singing pyramid"). The construction of this shaft looks like an organ pipe and the pressure in the resonance chamber (hydrogen + oxygen) provided the necessary gas flow in this shaft for the creation of sound. The length of the shaft determines the frequency of the transmitted sound. The longer the shaft, the lower the frequency of the sound and the further the sound carried.

The Schumann frequency of 8.1 hertz, the Golden frequency of 16.2 hertz and the wavelength of hydrogen of 21 centimeters are as numbers 81, 162 and 21 brought together in one monument.

No 'Hall of Records' which we have been seeking for so long, but a 'Pyramid of Records' in which all our sciences underlying the design.

Astronomy (precession, solar year), mathematics (mathematical constants), physics (sound, reverse electrolysis of water), chemistry (redox reactions) and medicine (resonance therapy and 8 hertz field) belong to the legacy left to us.

The Great Pyramid is certainly no grave, no hydrogen plant, power or spiritual initiation centre, but a gift from the gods by means of subtle energy, presented by our own Earth, a quality and responsible technology to reach. A gift from the gods united in one library of knowledge. Gods honor people and it is now up to the people to honour the gods. It is about time to redeem us from dogmas and create a new vision that is based on logic and intuition. Logic through the universal language of numbers and intuition through the universal language of the Earth itself. It is all about sound.

Due to complications during storage and transport, we are not ready for a "hydrogen economy", but it is time for a new world that will emerge from the legacy of an ancient world based on the 'voice' of the Earth. In ancient cultures known as the "Voice of God". The sound of creation. Hopefully this book will contribute to the perception of a larger group of people.

You can read  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

By Willem Witteveen

This article is a summary of the book (Dutch title: 'De Grote Piramide van Gizeh als monument van de schepping').



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This series of articles was very interesting indeed, but there were some things which confused me a bit.

So we have the following elements:

The Resonance Chamber, conventionally known as the King's Chamber, and the Reaction Chamber, otherwise known as the Queen's Chamber. In the Reaction Chamber shafts, reverse electrolysis took place. The Resonance Chamber northern shaft operated as an emergency pressure relief  valve, and the southern shaft was a tone generator.

The various shaft purposes confused me. For one thing, both King's(resonance) Chamber shafts have always been open at both ends, they were constructed that way. There was no "thin slab of granite" closing off the mouth of the northern shaft , and the granite ball you mention was actually found in one of the Queen's(reaction) Chamber shafts. 
In fact, it was the shafts of the Queen's Chamber whose openings were closed off. Both of them. And not by a thin slab of granite, either...several inches of granite sealed the Queen's Chamber shafts. Herein lies a rather big problem....the "thin slab of granite" in the King's Chamber was thought to be sufficient to keep the gases from entering the Northen shaft unless the thin slab was broken by the granite ball... the Queen's Chamber shafts, sealed up as they were by several inches of granite, would likewise have been functionally air-tight.. How would the gases get into the shafts, then, for the reverse electrolysis process?

Incidentally, the "thin granite slab" pressure relief valve doesn't seem viable to me. Any slab thin enough to break merely from the impact of a small granite ball is not going to be strong enough to withstand any serious pressure in the system.
Also, even if it worked, such a system could only be used once. The Egyptians would design better than that, I would think.

Another thing I wondered about was the water vapor containing dissolved NaCl as an electrolyte. The water was boiled in a vaccume to vaporize it. In such a process, the NaCl would not be vaporized along with the water. Boiling water and then condensing it from a vapor is how we distill water, after all...any impurities contained in the water(in this case, the NaCl) is left behind in the boiling container. And while it is true that salt crystals were found on the stone in the Queen's chamber, if this process were taking place we should have found a lot of salt crystals in the subterranean chamber as well.

And finally....what was done with the produced hydrogen? It is implied that it is used as a clean fuel, but as "explosion energy" was denigrated several times as being "destructive and damaging to earth", that seemed to rule out the idea that they burned the hydrogen....which is a great way to use it as a fuel, but would certainly qualify as "explosion energy". 

Planet of Apes
That is about us !
Why They make nations ?
Why They mix languages
Why all my neighbors use my language ???
Then is ours ?????
Give them your mama !!!!
Yes , if you are intelligent....I am fool

Nice work done, but guess more research needs to be achieved...

From my field of study - astronomy, there is one vast astronomical value of the Great Pyramid and the purpose of the chambers as the arrows of one huge clock pointing to Orion (Osiris) and Sirius (Isis) on one side and some interesting constellations on the other side (Kephren never built this monument, it is speculated only by the Keph* inscriptions which point to some much bigger picture...)... Many, many years ago...

Also, the tip of the Pyramid is missing... Might have the Pyramid been the transmitter of the energy also, and not just the generator? Obelisks might serve as the antennae?

PS Mladen Vrlec, who has asked you about anything on the matter of Tesla's nationality (I sincerely hope that what you wrote is not what they teach you in schools???)? Because of the people like you, stupid nationalist ignorant fools, he renounced of his Serbian and Croatian heritage both and became American citizen.. Don't you see that Nationalism is the most primitive expression of human ignorance? Look what it has done to our peoples, Serbs and Croats, ''once brothers'' (you should check that ESPN documentary).. We are all one, all the humans, all the life,... this is what the Pyramid teaches us... Open your mind please!!!



Andrija and Puharic and Nikola Tesla are both CROATIANS
Why is so important to Serbs to make Tesla Serbian ?
His father was priest at Eastern Orthodox Church
Not Serbian !
After 1918 OCCUPATION, Serbs disbanded Eastern Orthodox Church
Stole their property (chuches) and forcefully assimilated flock as Serbians
All that is cause for continuous troubles between Serbs and Croats

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Willem Witteveen

Willem Witteveen (1957) studied nautical sciences and engineering, then spent 15 years as a navigational officer on merchant vessels, followed by 25 years as a maritime pilot in the port of Rotterdam. His background in navigational sciences, together... Read More

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