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A Chinese physician with a pregnant woman. Wellcome collection / CC by SA 4.0.  By

Weirdest Ancient Chinese Pregnancy and Birth Traditions (Video)

In ancient China, pregnancy and childbirth were influenced by traditions and superstitions. The Chinese valued the balance of Yin and Yang , representing feminine darkness and masculine brightness...
Stone masterpiece pays tribute to Yelang Civilization. Source: imphilip / Adobe Stock.

Stone Masterpiece Pays Tribute to Ancient Yelang Civilization (Video)

In the heart of what many deemed a barren wasteland, artist Song Peilun perceived an extraordinary canvas brimming with potential. Over the span of two decades, Peilun has masterfully crafted a...
Detail depicting the unusual death of King Edmund Ironside as portrayed in a 13th-century illustrated Anglo-Norman manuscript of the Life of St Edward the Confessor. Source: Cambridge University Library / CC BY-NC 3.0

7 Amazing Ancient Technologies Too Advanced for Their Time (Video)

Throughout history, there have been many civilizations that have left their mark on the world through their impressive architectural feats, artistic creations, and innovative technologies. While some...
Images of the Taosi site in China, as well as a painted plate with dragon design found at the site

Taosi Confirmed as 4,200-Year-Old Legendary Capital of Chinese Hero Emperor

Chinese archaeologists say they have confirmed the ancient capital of legendary emperor Yao Tangdi, who lived 4,200 years ago and who is said to have brought peace and “illumined the people.” Yao has...
Paintings in a Yuan Dynasty tomb had beautifully painted scenes from stories of Filial Piety.

Spectacular paintings found in 700-year-old Chinese tomb

An elaborate, beautifully painted tomb was found when rains washed away soil and revealed a capstone on a hillside in China. The tomb dates to the Yuan dynasty, about 700 years ago. Scholars believe...