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Stone masterpiece pays tribute to Yelang Civilization. Source: imphilip / Adobe Stock.

Stone Masterpiece Pays Tribute to Ancient Yelang Civilization (Video)


In the heart of what many deemed a barren wasteland, artist Song Peilun perceived an extraordinary canvas brimming with potential. Over the span of two decades, Peilun has masterfully crafted a sprawling village nestled within Guizhou's lush expanse, spanning an impressive 50-acre territory. What sets this endeavor apart is its profound homage to the ancient Yelang civilization that once thrived in these very lands and was known for its sacrificial practices. Guided by a vision that transcends time, Peilun's undertaking became reality through the collaborative efforts of local inhabitants, their intricate stonework and technical finesse shaping the village's essence.

Today, the Yelang Valley stands not only as a sought-after destination for inquisitive travelers but as a vibrant hub for artistic souls. Here, painters' palettes dance and melodies resonate, for this evolving tapestry of creativity has woven together a dynamic community of artists and musicians. Remarkably, the story is far from its conclusion. As the sun continues to illuminate this living testament to the past, Song Peilun's vision endures, celebrating the fusion of heritage and contemporary artistry in a harmonious symphony that breathes life into history itself.

Top image: Stone masterpiece pays tribute to Yelang Civilization. Source: imphilip / Adobe Stock.

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