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American Revolution

Knights Templar. Source: Deivison / Adobe Stock.

In the Shadows of History: Uncovering the Knights Templar (Video)

Deep within the annals of history lies the enigmatic group known as the Knights Templar . Originating in 1119, their primary objective was to protect Christian pilgrims embarking on perilous journeys...
Archaeologists prepare burial excavation unit for removal of remains at the Camden Battleground site. Source: Sarah Nell Blackwell / South Carolina Battleground Trust

Excavations at the Battle of Camden Site Unearth 14 Revolutionary War Victims

On November 11 the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust issued a press release announcing an important discovery related to the American Revolutionary War. While excavating at the site of...
Gout can be caused by large amounts of red meat and alcohol, a common diet of historical kings        Source: diter / Adobe Stock

Why Was Gout The Kingliest of Ailments?

When we think of historically significant diseases we tend to think of diseases like the bubonic plague, cholera, tuberculosis, or more recently, COVID-19. These are all diseases that have had almost...
Sybil Ludington rode through the night to warn Patriots that the British were coming. Source: Cattallina / Adobe Stock

Sybil Ludington: Unsung Heroine of the American Revolutionary War

Sometimes we fail to notice the greatest heroes . Courage and daring can hide even in the smallest of characters, springing up unexpectedly and just in the nick of time. Sybil Ludington was just...
Revolutionary era log house revealed by demolishers.            Source: Valley Girl Views

Revolutionary Era Log House Found Hidden in US Building

The vast majority of historic structures and monuments are carefully preserved and cherished. But sometimes there are structures that are overlooked and are hiding in plain sight. This is the case...
Fort George with artillery cannons overlooking St. George’s   Source: Eqroy / Adobe Stock

Fort George - Slaves’ Gateway to the Spanish Colonies

While Grenada is a popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful islands in the West Indies , it is also a historic island, once one of the most strategic islands in the Caribbean . Fort...
A lithograph of Ho-Chunk chief Hairy Bear for a cigarette ad, 1888. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

How the Ho-Chunk Nation Beat the Odds and Made a Comeback

After contact with Europeans in the 17 th century, the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin was reduced from thousands of people to hundreds by disease, starvation and war, including inter-tribal warfare...