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Nestled within Koli National Park, the Pirunkirkko cave, known as the Devil's Church in English, has become renowned for its purported connection to the spirit realm. Source: University of Eastern Finland

Researchers Unpack Science Behind Unique Presence of Devil in Finnish Cave

Thousands of curious visitors venture to the Pirunkirkko or ‘Devil’s Church’ cave in eastern Finland, in the fervent hope of the contact with the spirit world, specifically, to ‘talk to the Devil’...
Music in Luray Caverns. Source: KLugo / Adobe Stock.

Real Live Cave Music: Marvel at the World's Largest Instrument (Video)

Deep within Luray Caverns , Virginia, USA, an astonishing fusion of music and nature awaits: the Great Stalacpipe Organ. This extraordinary instrument defies expectations, utilizing delicate...
A team from the University of Salford has built a scale model of Stonehenge to test the acoustics of the famous Neolithic structure. Source: Acoustics Research Centre / University of Salford

“Stonehenge Lego” Proves The Original Had Awesome Acoustics

A mini model of Stonehenge has been built in the UK by researchers using the latest technologies. They were interested in the acoustics of the structure that dates to the Neolithic period (2200 BC)...
1:12 scale model to explore how Stonehenge acoustics would have been in 2200 BC. Source: Trevor Cox / University of Salford

Accurate 3D Model Of Stonehenge Proves It Had Great Acoustics

Researchers in the UK have created a mini model of one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world in order to understand its acoustics . They have built a replica of Stonehenge and have...
The ruins of the temple of Cybele at the imperial Roman palace complex Felix Romuliana in what is now Serbia

Vibrations and sounds may have enhanced worship of Great Goddess Cybele

In a mountain valley in Serbia around 300 AD, Romans built a palace complex to honor the Emperor Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, who was born in the area. In this palace, called Felix Romuliana,...
The subterranean wonder of the Celtic Hypogeum

The subterranean wonder of the Celtic Hypogeum

In Northern Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia you can find the town and commune of Cividale del Friuli, where there is a fascinating and mysterious site – the Celtic Hypogeum. This subterranean wonder...