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Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist by Luca Signorelli  (1499) (Public Domain)

Prophets For Profit: Telling The Future - Fiction, Fact Or Funny

Technically speaking, a prophet is one who is believed to speak for God, but generally speaking, when people hear the word ‘prophet’, they tend to think of one who sees the future. In popular...
Detail of ‘The Number of the Beast is 666’  by William Blake (1805). Rosenbach Museum & Library ( Public Domain)

666 Sanctified: The Beast Was Fake News

The number 666 has been sanctified and this should bring sighs of relief to all those who were wary at the number of the beast fearing it symbolised satanic forces. It has transpired that the number...
Detail of ‘The Number of the Beast is 666’ (1805) by William Blake. Source: Public Domain

The Number 666 – A Blessing in Disguise?

The number 666 has been linked to scary scenes and hideous demonic beasts which have spooked the fraught nerves of the laity for almost two thousand years. Superstitions have abounded at the sight of...