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3D model

A team from the University of Salford has built a scale model of Stonehenge to test the acoustics of the famous Neolithic structure. Source: Acoustics Research Centre / University of Salford

“Stonehenge Lego” Proves The Original Had Awesome Acoustics

A mini model of Stonehenge has been built in the UK by researchers using the latest technologies. They were interested in the acoustics of the structure that dates to the Neolithic period (2200 BC)...
The blackened bones of the Polish ‘princess’ were discovered in a log on a cliff. Source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Black Bones of a Polish Princess Modeled by Tech Geniuses

A 2000-year-old skeleton of a Polish ‘princess’ was thought to be impossible to scan because of its dark color. A group of tech wizards has been able to create a model of the skeleton despite the...
Skulls and bones are piled high at the charnel house Rothwell, Northamptonshire, England.

2500 Bodies fill Rare Charnel Chapel in England - Hidden House of Bones Revealed in 3D

A hidden hall of bones containing the remains of thousands of dead was a secret kept for centuries. 3D scans of the shocking find now bring light to the dark chambers, revealing England’s best-...