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Five mummified remains found in Huaca la Florida, Lima. Source: Peru Ministry of Culture

1,000-Year-Old Child Mummies Unearthed From Sacred Ceremonial Space in Lima

In Peru, four mummified children, estimated to be over 1,000 years old, have been unearthed in what is now considered one of Lima's oldest neighborhoods, with their skulls still having hair on them!...
One of the dogs that was found buried with a human in what is now the Lima zoo. The zoo has underneath it layers of previous civilizations, as does much of Lima.

Slain Humans Buried with Strangled Dogs Found at Prehistoric Site in Peru

Remains of two humans who died violent deaths about 1,000 years ago and buried with 10 dogs that were likely strangled and two guinea pigs have been unearthed at a site of the ancient Ychsma people...